Thursday, July 12th, 2007...12:51 pm

Some other things beside water to fill your bottle with.

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Beer¬† .Didn’t like it-too much bubbles coming up the pipe.

Vodka and water. Nice but it goes to my head!

Milk. Makes nice thick smoke but yo’uve got to clean out the¬† hookah well.¬† Sometimes I get cheese in the¬† shaft, from churning in the¬† hookah.

Heard about carnation concentrated milk, didn’t find any but saw some coconut milk which¬† is 60%¬† oil content.

My hose absorbed the coconut smell. The stuff spoiled  in just a few smokes and smelled   putrid. Made the mistake of spilling the stuff into the sink with the dishes and pots. Had a  hell of a time cleaning them from the oil.

Hookah 1

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