takes time but worth it

Not only is buying good shisha tobacco important for a great taste, but charcoal is also a large factor.

Real wood coal (not forbid charcoal cooking Barbeque briquettes) but the special  natural coals available are really good. Some are from olive trees, some lemon wood. Mainly brought from Jordan by Smoking-Hookah.com are so fine.


¬†It takes time to burn them and wait until they arered hot, but its good to think about. Cheap charcoals just ruin any shisha flavour. I ran out of coals so I ran down to buy some nearby . They are made in Nazareth, Israel. Ruined the taste, and left a horrible feeling in my mouth. I usually¬† try to buy¬†Soex¬†¬† from India, the same company that sells the herbal non tobacco shisha.They burn quickly, don’t expload and¬† just a tiny bit of smoke rather quickly burnt so I don’t have to run outside to¬† burn them.


I recently found some terrific quick lighting coals in Jerusalem at a store I often go to.Funny, no name on the packs.Just wrapped well in heavy aluminum foil. The owner said that they are natural wood quick lites. But to be sure I bought 2 big packs of Soex, and 4 of the unamed kindwhich had 10 in a foil.Wow.They are lighter than Soex in weight, burn 90 minutes and  now I can taste the shisha again. The Soex also stay lit for a very long time, 75 minutes of heavy puffing.(Their website says 60, but I puff heavy and still they go easily 75)

See the website, its great.Herbal smokes  are called Soex  and Afzal is with  tobacco.

They only sell in very large bulk to companies, but Smoking-Hookah.com has!


Just don’t buy cheap coals and say that the shisha is baaaad.

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