Why Is My Hookah Harsh?

Lately I Have been asked quite often, Why is My Hookah Harsh? If your hookah isn’t as smooth as you like it, you’ll find yourself smoking less and less (and we can’t have that now, can we?). So, lets try to figure out your problem…

1. First off, take a look at this list of Hookah Tips to see if any of these will help your experience…

2. If those Tips don’t help, make sure that you are setting up the hookah correctly. I know, I know, you’ve done it a million times. Just brush up and make sure you are doing it right… you might have forgotten a step in your years of smoking.

3. Many times you will find that your hookah is smoking a bit too harsh if your shisha hasn’t been taken care of well and it is too dry and burning too quickly. I’d suggest reading these two little diddies ( Shisha Info 1, Shisha Info 2) and make sure that your shisha isn’t having any problems.

4. Lastly, I’ve found that usually your hookah is a bit too harsh if the coal gets to burning the sheesha too much. When it gets harsh, back that coal off a little bit and let the shisha get back to a reasonable temperature. Remember to take your time and treat the hookah like a part of the party and usually the hookah will give back some love too.

1 thought on “Why Is My Hookah Harsh?”

  1. Shisha shouldn’t burn at all, but that aside, my hookah produces harsh smoke if I haven’t cleaned it properly and the bowl is too hot, just make sure you don’t put too much coal on your hookah and don’t fill your bowl to the top, you don’t want your shisha to start burning.


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