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Worlds within worlds

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If you are like me, (and many humans too) the things in your immediate enviroment¬† fade behind a wall and we look for the unusual or nothing will get into our attention span. Which is why the first Coca Cola ad needed to be improvised and re-newed or people would loose intrest. Speaking of “Coca Cola”, when most people see the name “coke” they don’t think of the drink.¬†¬† Hmmnnnn someone in the 1930’s was making good ads for them. When I think of “Coca Cola” the association in my mind is : peaches, Atlana, big money, AND¬† Ty Cobb “The Georgia Peach” who played baseball for peanuts, not like today. In the 1910’s 20’s 30’s¬† and 40’s baseball players rode to games on trains and buses, not in airplanes with built in body-building equipment. Ty Cobb was one of the best players ever ,played for the Detroit Tigers in an age where you knew they would be back on the same team next year , or fired and retired.

WHAT does Ty Cobb the baseball very famous pro have¬† to do with Coke? Well, the players didn’t make much money, Cobb was known to be the meanest man in baseball, spiking opponets on purpose¬† causing fights to scare the other team &¬†he was quite crafty.¬†Ty Cobb¬†invested in the newly started Atlanta Coca Cola company and made huge ammounts of money .

Now lets draw your attention span away from Coca Cola and baseball both maybe a big parts of your life.

(Probably most of you¬† in America don’t even know that the¬† British champion Chelsea played Barcelona,Spain last night- though the “real” world were glued to their tv’s). I am the writer of this blog, and don’t usually ramble on like this but I noticed something that automatically gets added on to all my blogs¬† for hookah smokers like you

If you look on the right hand side usually you will see the blue logo of “”

 promising a 10% discount if you mention this blog. (Which is why I dragged you through the mire and bog of my blog haphazardly.)

I’ll just shut up and you write in for your 10% off. Fair?

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