You don’t own a “phunnel” for your hookah???

The Funnel / Phunnel hookah bowl is designed to sit on the top of the hookah shaft. This design prevents shisha and its moisture from falling through and making a mess as well as causing good shisha to be wasted.

The funnel bowl is different from the standard bowl, it has a single hole, an inverted funnel, in the center instead of multiple small holes like the traditional style bowls.

3.6″ inches tall (9cm). Inner diameter about: 2″ (5cm).

This hookah bowl Comfortably holds 60-70 grams of shisha.

Includes the head grommet   In blue or green colours.

At the great competitive price of Price:             11.50$

I see on other sites the same “phunnel” going for $1.50- $2.50¬† more in price.

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