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You have to know WHERE to buy

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There are many companies selling all types of hookahs and shisha.

Would it suprise you to know  that the same product at a number of companies will have a big price difference? Its true, but even more so, the same product at one company could be vastly different than its counterpart elsewhere.

For a true example I’ll mention what I’m smoking now.

I bought a double-headed¬† shisha bowl In one side I have AlWaha mint and the other Nkhla melon. Now if you try mixing them in one bowl it won’t come out 1/4 as good. The Nakhla and Al Waha¬† each have different molasses and glycerine content making¬† them impatable if mixed in one bowl.In the2 headed bowl its a great succsess.

Besides, some cmpanies who sell Nakhla and AlWaha are not selling  fresh. I buy at  when I  want Nakhal and Al Waha. They buy themselves the Al Waha from Jordan right in Jordan. Same with the Nakhla in Egypt. Not only that, but the date of production is right on the box. Often at many companies the date is only in arabic and it could be or usually is past the freshness date. Do some research. Smoking-Masters is great on this score.

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