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4u and your 5 senses

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A shisha rap song in Deutsch, pour liquid soap in the tube like they made and blow smoke in it 

Easy set- up

“White Lightning” :

Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells

More Mike Oldfield “Women of Ireland”

part 1 of 12 :


¬†This is no bull. Sometimes the Torreador gets it in the “Family Jewels”. As the saying goes in many languages : “Every dog has HIS day”.

like the inspiring music background?

this guy loses pants and underwear to the bull

a little dog comes from who-knows-where to fight the bull and save the manNo one knows whose dog it is.

the real reason we came to watch : Macho gets it in the tacho

This was NOT filmed in Pakistan as said, but in Yellowstone Park USA

“Bear Baiting” with¬† wild dogs

“And now for something completely different” : Man in a cage (funny sketch by Montegue Python”)

And NOW for something completely different :

King Arthur fights the Black Knight

(the blood and cut off arms are real).

“Your a looney”.

Hookah 1


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