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Smoking-Hookah’s great S-a-l-e

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Me - ShiSha (Hookah) - HDR by cHrIzZz PhotoBlogMy shisha / hookah by rebecka_o

Shisha Hookah for by shqscraftsHookah Illustration by IwamotosPhotosHookah by © Jakub JurkowskiShisha time with Apple by :: Suwaif ::Hookah by Ziadi has a great sale and freebies on!!!!!!

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Some more of our products :

(Washable plastic-fantastic  hookah hose), great flexability, dries out  in seconds.

See full size imagestemmod.jpg picture by deltr

From my post here on the blog-(I cut the straws longer, they are actually elonging the shaft of the hookah besides cutting down on noise drastically so Mommy and Daddy¬† won’t be bothered.

The Shisha Camel by Klr_Queen.9 the largesst hookah by sindhoor'Egyptian' hookah base by quinn.anya.Gigantic hookah base (close) by quinn.anya.Gigantic hookah hoses by quinn.anya.Hookah and candle by quinn.anya

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