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Are you in Europe?

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Its quite hard in europe to get good shisha and expensive too. (Look to see my other two posts below on the great “Orient” shisha made in Bremen,Germany).

Its cut very thin, easy to pack quite juicy and has 13 great tasting flavours!

Link :

go get some “orient” shisha

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  • It has become extremely difficult in the UK to find good flavor. Thus I have spent the last few months trying to re-create authentic flavor at home. I looked at the recipes linking from ( your site but they were in truth unsatisfactory.

    I have managed eventually to re-create good-quality flavor and I am building a forum to “publish” ( my results. With enough input from the community the recipes can be further developed to be excellent.

    I am currently writing the guides and should be ready to post within the next 1-2 weeks.

    I was hoping that you would then post a link to my forum on your website


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