A Cooler Smoke

Wanna cooler smoke? Here are some ideas:

Put ice cubes in your¬† hookah bowl (I mean the bottom bowl friend, not the tobacco bowl)put in a lot, as they wil melt accordingto your room’s temperature.

Secondly, you can put the¬† whole glass jar in the freezer if its large enough until ice thinly forms on the top where it is narrow and obviously colder. at that point, take it out , attatch your¬† metal stem top and enjoy a cool smoke. The bottom of the metal shaft should be 2-3 inches under the water line . More or less. Don’t take out a ruler to¬† measure! Play with the level you like. Buy a hoookah with a cooler at the top, a small chamber that is attatched to the stem of the hookah under the clay bowl on top. Heard that¬† many opinions are that the affects are not so, so¬† and it means buying a special hookah-the attatchment separate is not available. But this little baby is :a ¬†plastic hookahbowl which opens, you add water and¬† put in the freezer,¬† then add¬† tobacco. Here is where you can buy it. ice-clay bowel

Cool off and chill it. hooka 1

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