Got MILK? whata !

No joke, my favorite thing to put in my water bowl is milk.
I’ve tried tea, juice and didn’t like the vapourous (vaporous in usa) they made. Like smoking a steam room with flavour in my lungs.
Have put ouzo, wine, vodka ,beer at times. The beer makes a thick smoke. The vodka was nice,but it all made me quite high, and I can’t drink (anymore) for medical reason and those vapours from the bottle hit me too hard, but was nice!
Quite tasty too.
But milk is the “cat’s meow”. Got milk (in your cooler), put it in the freezer for awhile until it gets a thin ice crust at the top, por LESS high than you would plain water into your bowl and light up to enjoy thethickest smoke you will ever have by far. And smooth, very smooth. You’ll need to keep the level of the milk relatively lower than water or get milk bubbles into your hose. And when your milk is getting greenish, know that its been in there too long. In winter obviously you can keep it a few days, in summer maximum two.
One time I had it for too many enjoyable smokes. When I cleaned out the shaft I had a circular long salami fasioned piece of real (green ) cheese, not “Bleau’ cheese from France.
But changing the milk, or re-refrigerating might be an idea, tho you’ll have to wash and clean the stem often.
I sugest this whole-heartily for those special smokes with friends, but not a great idea to bring to the beach!!!!!
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2 thoughts on “Got MILK? whata !”

  1. Soy milk. It wont get nasty. Soymilk usually has MONTHS before it expires when you buy it.

    Also, if you don’t want to dump it everytime, put some clear plastic wrap over the top, with a rubberband if need be, and just leave it in the fridge.

  2. will try Ron. I did use soya milk once, but added it with coconut milk. After 2 days that coconut oild went rancid andruined a good hose. Thanks for the idea.
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