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a few How-To acclimate articles 4u

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This is great info :


First read instructionssee other great info on archives

“Its the climate, stupid”


  • Quite! In our dear homeland of G.B.the weather is of two types. 1) Raining, or 2) about to rain.
    I tend to leave my shisha out for 24 hours on the desk until it can absorb the 96% humidity.(Do you have any idea what we pay for 50grams of shisha here? We happen to be so much closer to the MiddleEast, but upon arrival, all tobacco products are well taxed! The end reult is 50 grams going for a British Pound Sterling at the ratio of 1 USA Dollar$/One BritishPound Sterling.
    I.E. If you pay $1.70 for 50 grams of shisha, we pay 1.70 British Pound Sterling for the same product (more than twice as much). But we are really the people who made hookah famous in the Western world with Lewis carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland’s Hookah Smoking catipilliar” and in Queen Victoria’s times, we made the water-pipe a must-have for the literary and artist’s of that age!
    Monty Python

  • Yes, I do have a room sized humidour specially custom made for acclimatizing my shisha tobacco. One for my 23 offices world-wide, and 1 for each of my 348 homes.

  • great info

    December 8th, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    good info

  • right

  • a must. Hey has anyone made home-made shisha out of their 235 Christmas Fruit cakes? Just add glycerine and mix!

  • thanks 4 the info

  • a very important to do.

  • i do it even for 50. gram packs

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