Archives, anyone?

When I just think of the word “Archives” I picture a dark, dusty, smelly room of old information gone sour to shift through.

But that was really in the days before computers and p.c.’s, you know, like my years in High school 1967-70.

We¬† have here on the blog/forum also “archives”, but they go back a year and a half, my own posts go back from May 20,2007.

So..don’t get stuck in the last few posts. In the search you can type in any hookah-shisha issue and you’ll find it.

“Shisha and religon”, yep, “shisha trades” also. “Hookah for bi-sexuals”, well no really, that is such a non-issue since all you need to smoke hookah is a mouth (palate and lips might help), a throat with no holes, and¬† you don’t even need lungs if you don’t inhale. a brain is only essential to compute the info from the hookah hose mouthpiece to your palate, tongue and it will hopefully send off the information to your olfactory nerve ¬†cells in the brain to tell you what flavour you are smoking, and to let you know that it tastes good (or not).


I remember this advert. 1957 (I was 4) .

Which brings me to what I forgot to write in the previous 2 posts…you can find them of course in the archive!Or look on page 1.

did YOU ever buy a pack of ciggies (c’mon) at age 10, 12, 15 etc. to smoke behind the barn where pappy couldn’t catch ya?


Did you take each virgin  cigarette out of its pristine pack, lay them out to acclimatize in the sun, or rain?

We have already talked about the absolute need to do so with shisha tobacco!

I hope you didn’t since they¬†are 100% tobacco leaves rolled into paper.

While shisha-Mu’assel IS tobacco at most 5%, up to 25% glycerine to keep it wet, bind all the ingredients ¬†and able to “burn” without actually burning, flavouring and either honey or molasses.

Hence the need for acclimatizing the shisha.

Don’t do that to your cigarettes.

YES, if you are a real cigar afficiando do it in your $2573.00 humidor/acclimator.

of course, you are correct! Its a combination golf bag/humidour. Perfect to store your hookah in and keep your shisha in top athletic shape!!!

I wonder if a humidour would help us shisha smokers? Any comments? I have no idea.

an archive/ no way! This is “Holland House” in London, one of my favourite unforgettable photos of the English “Stiff upper lip”. London in 1940 is being bombed to the ground almost completely by the German Airforce Blitz, v2 rockets and planes. and these chaps go in to persue their literary intrests as if “The sun never sets on the British Empire”.

they slept at night in the “underground” train stations.

Hookah 1(acclimatize mates)

11 thoughts on “Archives, anyone?”

  1. As a British Naval Officer Ret. and O.B.E.
    I take offence at your posting and presenting the British in our “greatest Hour” as Sir Winston Churchill P.M. (R.I.P.) quoted rightly, alongside the riff-raff of commoners and the lower classes. “Cigars, cigarettes, hookahs” Humph!
    If you will continue in this abomidable quasi- literary behaviour I shall have to ask you to “step outside for a duel”. Your choice of bubble gum, and seconds on hand.
    Sir Montegue Python

  2. Those humidour-golfbags look like the perfect “stocking stuffer” for XMas holiday gifts. I’ll need to order about 37,000 at least for worker’s Xmas gifts!


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