“A Little Night Music”.4U

Ya, “Ein Kleiner Nacht Musik” von Motzart? Nein!

Das ist der besser von Super Groupen “Apocalyptica” !

 @Bundevision Kontest.Apocalytica und solo singer Marta Jandova

Der Arabes Tuaragen Nord Afrika speilen mit a heartz

a heim zissche heim !

Apocalyctica und Linda Sundblad

“Far Away” the video

This song is NOT for the faint of heart .(That’ll get em all to watch)



“Far Away” live :


They have some very heavy songs also with electric guitars and atomic war style drumming.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=TAj6SGLsdv0 Musik !

Here is where I stop pelting you with my phoney German. Okay, I understand English and some Yiddish which has Hebrew and German mainly. The grammer is the same as German. And where do you think that English came from ? Poland. No ! If you happen to be in Poland and travel north to the Scandanavian countries you will find the population are almost all ancestors of the Vikings who conquered Poland, parts of Germany at times, raided England, France and North Scotland. From them is the base for English as they moved into a part of Germany and conquered the Anglo people. Then as the Anglos got footloose and conquered England, they were¬† later conquered by the Saxons . Each conquering culture considered themselves typical British citizens until 1160 when the Normans from the South of France conquered them in turn. They were led by…”William the Conquerer” who introduced those crazy ways of spelling many words in “New ” English with¬† all the Que stuff. Like Boef for beef or chateau for home and plateau, rocquefort . Hell buddy. Just give me a piece of cheese already “cuz Im Hungree”.Dig?

Vikings swinging cellos and slaying  their foes.


Apocalytica “Quutamo”


Take a look at this hookah.


Nothing new but train  your eyes on the tiny spaceship which landed on top of the hookah clay-tobacco bowl.

It sure wasn’t sent there by Moby!

This is a very user friendly hookah cover which is attatched to the top of the clay¬† bowl, keeps the coal heat in well of course and the wind out. Great for your comming fall (autumn) outings. You would not want to ignite all those fallen brown and extremely brittle leaves, dying for a¬†crystal humid drop of water¬†, but sundered already from their stem source and as the flying spark from YOUR HOOKAH charcoal jumps into a pile of dry leaves,¬† with their last bit of¬† chloraphyll they stretch in death’s first slow moments to kiss the flaming spark of charcoal and unite with it in a pyroteque of huge lava heat bursting skywards and burning down the forest.

(In which case you better get your ass and hookah supplies in gear quick, jump in your 4X4  and drive as fast as you can for the nearest Canadian border crossing or you will not be smoking hookah in the State Pen!)

¬†¬†¬†¬† In short, make this a worthwhile investment, and get¬† one of thes small wind cover appuratus dingers.You will see that the price of it will be nullified in your energy savings .(“Its the coal……ot”)

Fein, a gutteh zach shmeken der wasserpeipf ! Mitmachen?

A sheineh blubberauch, ya?  :

(a pretty hubbly bubbly,yeah?)

Now, I am not going to tell you where I got these great photos. You probably think off of Google Search? Then you won’t¬† find them. I often go to Google in Arabic where I can actually “read” the photo section in Arabic, and for some strange reason, you will find many people from Germany who have travelled the world put up photos. And if you can’t read the Arabic like me, then you will understand that a “WasserPeipfe” is a “WaterPipe” Vershteindt? Ya, Alles Gut.If not the photo will suffice.

The chess table hookah. I learned chess at age 15 and loved it, though I was not at all a good player. Too boring, since my head (I don’t want to bore you ).

This table of inlaid wood chess board and hookah may be purchased at $500.00 each with high class hookah included, you are getting this at a very good price and can now take advantage of the United States Federal Reserve’s new plan to lower the rate of inerest–why ,its easy to pay for in 24¬† monthly installments. As simple as stealing a block of ice from Antarctica .

¬†¬†¬†¬† Which reminds me, no foolin’ I have a box of soy milk in my freezer which I am planning to put into the water glass bowl, but I’ll bet its frozen solid by now!

Arreviderci Ciao “Hukatus Uno”

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  1. As President Kennedy said in 1963 upon visiting Berlin, Germany and looking at the diving walls of those times “Ich Bin a Berliner”.Nice “Night Music”.I love those hookah-chess boards but don’t have $500.00 for a chess table even with a hookah .


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