Tuesday, September 18th, 2007...7:53 pm

Would you drink milk from a plastic cow?

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Well I took this new carton of soya milk purposely non-flavoured out of the freezer, cleaned my hookah and pored it in. A colder smoke? Thicker smoke? I made sure to add only half the ammount¬† of soya milk since I knew it would bubble up, and I changed hoses¬† to one of my washable p.v.c. hoses since I’ve ruined a hose on coconut milk when that bubbled into it.

I put in some wonderful Al-Sultan  Banana-Milk flavoured shisha, and even this little bit is bubbling up like crazy and the shisha is starting to burn. So am I.

No more plastic cows for me. I’m going straight for a mammary right now to settle my hash!

And you may listen to THIS cow. One of the older (1969) Pink Floyd albums I had back then.

Don’t you all run at once.


“Breast Milky” by Pink Floyd :


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  • I’m glad you tried the soy and milk things. I haft agree since I’ve done that, been there, and the same resulted.

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