do YOU have Sensative Lips?

So the soya thing¬† instead of water didn’t work, I put in so little soya milk and nothing else, it all bubbled up on me.

Again, I cleaned up the nargilah and the hose luckily Ithought to use my p.v..c washable.

I come back and put on a new plastic tip. Again a hassle!

In some cultures they don’t kiss, but rub noses. I want to be¬† ethnicly correct here so I won’t mention names.

But its like in the newest version of King Kong. The beautiful girl gets kissed, but NOT by that gigantic gorilla.

In case some famous actor whose last name starts with a “B” reads this and wants to sue me, his last ¬†name is the same as a once big city¬† in Poland before the G army killed most of its citizens. How did they manage to connect lips in that movie?

The only man in Hollywood who really does need to bob his nose won’t do it. He must be a great actor.

So about plastic tip covers for the hose.

¬†plastic…not just for steel

They always have this little ridge on them at the place where the plastic is extruded from its mold. And lips are sensative. Here is where I put my false teeth in and lightly rip that little ridge off!

This song is from the second Arlo Guthrie album which I bought in 1969 written by Steve Goodman RIP who died at age 27.

Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageWhich by chance I can show you the funniest scene ever of a movie from around 1978 I saw and got here on You Tube the clip.

Make sure you go to the train’s rest room before you watch!

“Silver Streak”

The Los Angeles to Chicago train !

Hookah 1 (wearing my adult size disposable diaper until this clip  ends)

It will calm me down.

“City of New Orleans” (Name of another Chicago to New Orleans train)

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  1. Good to see your post about “City of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman. He often doesn’t get his due. Thought you might be interested in an eight-year project of mine that has come to fruition — an 800-page biography of Goodman published in May, “Steve Goodman: Facing the Music.” The book delves deeply into the background of “City of New Orleans” and Goodman’s other songs. Please check my Internet site below for more info on the book. Just trying to spread the word. Feel free to do the same!

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  2. To bad you can’t smoke in public anymore. Now on a train is the most enjoyable place to peacefuly smoke a nargilah while it click clacks down the tracks.I say this since I do smoke on the train, I have my own set of train suites which have couches, bars, beautiful dining tables, and large glass windows. On a long ride its nice to have a god meal, a long smoke on the narghilah and a sleep in my train suites bedroom.


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