Again I’ll eat crow

eating CROW cakeI have to eat crow

Again I’ve put my foot in my mouth!

I happen to love all of the “Al-Nakhla” brand shisha except one flavour

¬†.It always tasted like soap to me and I haven’t touched it in 6 years!

Today I decided to try it again and found that I was so WRONG!


It tastes great, smells good out of the package and has the strong taste of peach.¬† This has happened to me before, shisha flavours I’d had before much later taste good. I’m not the only one, but many people have said it tasted like soap, evidently Al-Nakhla com. improved on it and got the taste right.

Here’s where¬†I ordered and bought :

So.. try every once in awhile again the various shishas and keep an open mind.

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  1. Now crow be one tasty meal.Ya cut em in 4 quarters like, fry in rendered hog lard, take em out, roll em in corn meal ,refry and serve em up with a mess a polk salad. Not to be confuzed wit “Poke salad” one you eat, da udder ya …..poke. Wall y’all can eat a mess of poke salad tu if’n ya want, ju leave sum over fer later.


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