“Let them Eat Pie” 2 hookah tips

2 great ideas for your hookah using pie tins.

Firstly, since most of the hookah ash catching trays are not big enough, I have bought pie tins , cut around a space¬† large enough to fit¬† the pie tin under the original tray and don’t get ashes anymore on the floor. You could do better by looking for a metal tray nicer looking and cut that out also.

To those who say that the pie tin looks “cheesy”, well I’d rather not have ash on my floor or burn my apartment down. Then it wouldn’t look like anything.

Secondly, I hate using those aluminum foil things and punch holes each time, so the same size pie  tin, or better, a large aluminum  one time cooking tray that is cheap, I just cut up into as many circulars as there are room for, punch holes one time, and use them  hundreds of times. They are thicker than the very thin aluminum foils, and the aluminum from the  tin will take  only 2 seconds longer to heat. I think that they displace the heat better also.

Now a “you-saw-it-first-here”. why are “Frisbee”s called Frisbee?

“Frisbee Pie company” .


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12 thoughts on ““Let them Eat Pie” 2 hookah tips”

  1. the photo of woman in swim suit smoking argileh reminds me of something…oh, yes, that is my father’s super-hotel the 75 story being built.

  2. Well, that story about the Frisbee Pie tin becomming the first flying Frisbee saucers is a crock of rendered pig’s lard. In the 1940’s all metal not screwed down ,soldered or stolen was given to the war industry to make ships, bomber planes, tanks, and ..well maybe a few “hot” frisbee pie tins di make their way to the officer’s club stateside in The Virginia Naval Officer’s mess.

  3. Dems those A-Rabs ahz seen on my t.v. Aint nevah seen me a blonde blew eyed biddy like that do in no Arabia when I was kickin an drillin for earl down that ways. “Earl”? Y’all don know what “earl” is* why you drill it up from the desert sand, patroleeum it like and then y’all stick it in yo gas tank make da car run.”Earl”shee


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