Saturday, September 15th, 2007...9:30 pm

“Al-Ouns” mixed fruit review

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Smoking right now the “Al-Ouns” mixed-fruit flavour. I’ve had all their flavours often except this one.

They come in 200 gram tins like you see above. This, like all of the “Al-Ouns” flavours can only be bought¬† by or their sister companies. They buy it in Jordan, bring to Israel and sell from there¬† but most is shipped to Europe and North America for their clientle.

Al-Ouns is strong in nicotine, lots of glycerine, very ssslllooooooowwwww smoking, a little bit goes really far!The taste is heavenly and I’m always happy when I can get some, since as I said almost all of it goes for export to North America and France.

I would call their “Apple’s Flavour” “Double Apple-Anis”, as there¬† is a lot of licorice in it! Below is your link to purchase.

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