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Minty Mint

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Mint shisha. are they all the same? A definate no! And it depends which is your favourite as we all have different tastes. Though “Nakhla” is considered a standard shisha (not the high class premium) it¬† is thought that all of “Nakhla”s flavours are not so-so. I have tasted many brand shishas and have found most “Nakhla” to be strong in nicotine and in taste

While the one problem is a smaller ammount¬† of glycerine that is added to the mix. I think Nakhla is around 22% while most shisha tobacco from the Arab countries have up to 25%. Nakhla is Egyptian.Probably the lower content of glycerine is their way of keeping their price down! I have never found¬† Nakhla to dry out. My second best mint would be Nakhla. First best¬† for me is “Al-Waha” “mint”. Al-Waha has other mint types¬† a mint called “After 9” mint-choco flavour ¬†which I would like to try. If it is anything like Nakhla’s “new” line of flavours which have “Choco-Mint”, I would recommend it as super. You can taste the mint and chocolate taste so well!

(Again), I’m rating mint only here.¬† Al-Waha mint is my favourite mint only, with tons of dripping¬† glycerine and probably food colouring that isn’t necessary. But taste wise its my first pick. Recently I recieved a pack of “Al-Fakher” mint , which I’ve had a few times in the past, and wasn’t satisfied at all, like every time I’ve smoked it.While I’ve bought almost every flavour of Al-Fakher in 250.00 gram¬† packs, and found a lot of them terrific, some flavours of Al-Fakher to me were so general that I experimented with them once and prepared ready-made bowls of like fruit flavours without marking them, put on the aluminum foil, the holes and put in 3 plastic bags. On some flavours I couldn’t tell which was peach, melon ,plum or mango!I loved their¬† cherry, strawberry, banana, grape, and pinapple plus the higher class “Al-Qemach” line was wild!

Again, depends on what you like personally. DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU¬† what is good for YOU. I’m stating my preferences and experiences as rule-of-thumb that you may use.

I made an experiment and blended the¬† 3 mints :Al-Fakher,Nakhla, and Al-Waha which I am smoking now.¬† Its only nice. I’d rather¬† have either mint Nakhla or mint Al-Waha right now instead. It is a nice mix of the 3 though.

Don’t forget to try the cho-mint of Nakhla which is great.Or the “After 9” choco-mint by Al-Waha. Mint Afzal is great and super strong nicotine like all the “Afzal” flavours. “Al-Sultan” mint is wonderful like all their flavours .

You may get all these mints at “”

Choco-mint “After 9 Al-Waha”

mint al-waha

“Al Fakher “mint¬†

That     is  a  weird                  narghilah

“Al-Sultan” shisha : couldn’t find mint photo

“Nakhla” brand shisha mint :Choco-mint “Nakhla” brand is great!

AfzalAll on this site of

In the last¬† post I brought you a few music videos of¬† “The Idan¬† Raichel Project” which is¬† classified as “World-Ethnic Music” , and is made up of Israelis¬† who were born in Israel from¬† Eithiopian Jews, Tunisians, Polish,Yemenite and a terrific Arab Moslem singer. The music has as its target to promote understanding between cultures and in Israel has a gigantic fan following of so many including yours truly, this forum-blog author! I’ll put here some more of their songs which are usually in¬† Amaharic-Eithiopian language, then shifting to Arabic and then Hebrew back and forth. The “Idan Raichel Project”¬† has certainly done a lot to acheive its goals here in Israel where we have a population of people from every country in the world except Saudi-Arabia and the Vatican-City for¬† obvious reasons! Name a country and we have people here born from there.

Here’s some of the music :

“Ayal Alaye” its all in Eithiopian Amaharic. With Jews from Yemen, Eithiopia,Tunis, Israel and Arab woman singer.

“Come to me”

It starts in Hebrew and goes into Eithiopian chant and back. The¬† singers are saying ” come to me.Don’t ask about where we will go, give me your hand, don’t ask for riches, they will come like rain when they come, don’t ask for a home, when we have a

home the blessings will come like rain”.

“If you go”

Check out the amazing cave drawings that start to move!

Starts in Hebrew and then I think either Ladino (which is Spanish-Arabic-Hebrew) or Tunisian-Moroccan.

“Come back to my home”

Starts in Amaharic-Eithiopian, then Hebrew

“Words more beautiful than these”

starts in an Hindi Indian language and goes to Hebrew

“From the very depths” from the “Song of Songs” by King Solomon , mostly in Hebrew, photos of modern Israel culture-mix!


  • That is some wonerful music. I love the Al Waha mint flavors too.

  • Nakhla choco-mint is great tasting flavor, so is After 9 Al Waha. Lots of good info here.
    The music vids are really fine. This is good new to my ears and heart.

  • Yeah Idan Reichel Project is so famous here. I like their songs. About mint its great nachla mint, strong and not too much money.

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