Al-Sultan brand shisha(Plus the Sultan Himself)

I found a store¬† that sells “Al-Sultan” shisha in Jerusalem.

I had run clean out of what to smoke so I went up there to get some of this mighty fine premium tobacco mu’assel.

It has become one of my favourite brands to smoke, has long staying power and wonderful taste at  a less than premium price!

Click above to see the flavours offered.

I bought¬† 200 grams of cinnamon, 100 grams of banana-milk which lives up to its rich name, 100 gram mint, 100 gram strawberry, 200 gram cherry , and 150 grams of Nakhla melon (Nakhla makes terrific melon and I don’t like the Al-Sultan melon.)

Al-Sultan has other great flavours which you can find on “’s¬† “page.

¬† Babe Ruth was named “The SULTAN ¬†of Swing”¬†¬†

Dire Straits playing “SULTANS of Swing”

7 thoughts on “Al-Sultan brand shisha(Plus the Sultan Himself)”

  1. Dude, you really covered a lot of cultural, ethnic territory here!

    Thanks for showing the photos of the Sultan Al-HaMishmar!
    I voted for him in the last ballot election.He’s a real Prince of a guy.

  2. Your hookah forum blog has everything but free shisha tobacco.
    I’m learning so much more than I thought I could, with great historical, ethnic and cultural links besides the nargheelah tips!
    Thank YOU.

  3. Lots of things going on by you.
    I agree that Al-Sultan mu’assel mix brand flavors are fine indeed. I’ve bought them often and like its true taste and slow smoke.
    Rahs Banana (Banana Head)

  4. Al Sultan shisha is great smoke. I hafta agree. Slow smoking and flavor. Watermelon is my favorite of them all, but the chocolate I love too, mint, cantelope, strawberry, cherry, cola and the rest.
    Thanks for the photo of Babe Ruth The Sultan of Swing!

  5. oo dude nice, my mom just came back from jerusalem and i didnt kno al sultan flavors were good, thought they were random, they are indeed good tho


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