Buy Your Hookah for the Right Price!

Would YOU buy a hookah here?

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Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageBuy your hookah here?

Go to fullsize imageor here in this lounge store?

Go to fullsize image“I wonder if the metal welding on these hookahs are good?”

¬†¬†¬†¬† Well sons and lovers (of¬† shisha smoking), I wouldn’t dare.

¬†¬†¬†¬† First off- I’d like to say that NO HOOKAH LOUNGE ,PUB,BAR is being singled out for infamy,.They all want to cover their¬† costs and make a profit, no?

     After all, they need to buy from the city council a liquor licsense, pay electricity for all those bright lights, buy fancy furniture often when the rowddies get rowdy and carve up the upholstery, get their nargeelas wholesale, etc. etc.

     Did I forget to mention paying a wage to their employees?

     Here is the classic analogy :

     You are out in the desert driving your car down the highway and come to the only food store within 150 miles. And you want a cold drink or 2 or 3.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Lo and behold you spot the cola machine (I’ll use Coca Cola as an example since they are paying me a big kick-back…just joking friends).Go to fullsize imagePrice $2.25 for a small 12 ounce can in quarters, please. They have you chump. Where else can you go?

     Same thing with the hookah.

     Lots of people that have NEVER smoked a hookah in their lives have their first try at the corner Hookah Lounge.

     They are so enthused of course, they want to own one themselves.And some coals, and shisha. The whole package deal.

     Now , what the hookah lounge buys wholesale in big volume, you end up paying through the nose for.

     After all, you are almost in the desert. How many hookah lounges are there in Kalamazoo, Michigan? One, sometimes. And you will pay well for the hookah package. To cover the costs ofthe lounge to operate and make a profit.

¬†¬†¬†¬† Another pet peeve of mine already mentioned back in last May or June is the¬† (can Iactually write the dreaded name….”ebay”.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The price is¬† so cheap “starting at $10 !!!!Being sold by the manufacturers of hookahs in China that detected a bad weld in the metal shaft on 4,000¬† hookahs.For only¬† Ten dollah you have the nice White Elephant which will make a nice conversation piece on your table when you hook a lightbulb and wires to your hookah. “My new lamp”.

     So lets hear it for all those online www/ hookah sites that sell  great products (and there are so many in competition to check out, you can buy your shisha cheap at X site, and find a good  comparable hookah on 3 different online stores to find which is cheapest.

     The great thing is that the best sites which most are, have a money-back guarantee. After all you pay with a credit card.

Notice that I refuse to mention online site names.

     Again, you might compare 2, 5, 12 online hookah product sites and find that the variety and price for the same shisha tobacco brand that you love is in this one, the new hookah you wanted is available in 7 sites and you look at the prices.

     Coals could be less expensive in a third site online.

     Shop around until you get a feel for the products.

Its fun and part of the hookah experience.

¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†And don’t be a wise guy when you are down over the border in Tijuana, Mexico.

“Hey, yu tourist, I geev yu best huka and my seester for half hour- $90 “.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Your Hookah for the Right Price!”

  1. The hookah lounge might be a good place for meeting friends and smoking, but you are right, their hookahs sold at the various lounge shops are quite high priced.


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