is it possible to Salvage used shisha?

Lets say you have some used shisha left at the bottom of the clay tobacco holding bow. This is often the case as you feel you are at the end of a smoking session and it would be a complete waste to add more charcoal.

Can the left over shisha at the very bottom be used again with any hope of a decent smoke? Yes, maybe if you try these tips:

Well, I’ve tried¬†experimenting on reusing¬†a few times tonight. The first time I took the left over shisha and felt for any completely dry, burnt left-overs and threw them out .With what was left I smoked again soon after and it was a putrid smoke. I used a premium tobacco, which is one of my favourites, the “al-Ouns” brand from Jordan which has more than the regular 25% glycerine in it.Very juicy, but the glycerine and left overs combined to make it pretty bad .

I am doing it again now an experiment. With the same grape shisha and a different bowl, same great “Al-Ouns” brand shisha of mixed purple-green grape flavour, and since I sifted the junk better and only took what could possibly be far from dry….it is a good smoke and worth the attempt. Especially counting the high price of premium shisha its a shame to waste it.

At the SAME time I am smoking a completely fresh bowl of grape shisha new from the Al-Ouns pack to TASTE COMPARE the 2 of them in 2 different large comparable hookahs,(the used and new shisha).

Like everything you do in shisha smoking, you have to see for yourself what works best for YOU, most of the rules and tips are far from ironclad.

One other idea is to use less coal on this type of leftover shisha, it will then evaporate better and not be harsh!


Smoking simultaneously  the fresh  tobacco and the used one :

Of course not as good, but I’ll call the fresh bowl 10 out of 10 and the used shisha a 6. Again, sift your left over very well.

Good luck. Get “Al-Ouns” here. My favourite are the¬† Double Grape, and the Double Apple, but I¬† buy all the flavours which are very strong nicotine buzz, great taste and a llloooong smoking session



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6 thoughts on “is it possible to Salvage used shisha?”

  1. I’ve had the worst luck in reusing mu’assel tobacco, maybe I need to refine the technique!
    Thanks for the great vids.

  2. Better to just use new shisha, tastes better than used junk and you are smoking for the pleasure, right? How much money do you actually save that way?

  3. Okay. You made an experiment, but the facts prove that it doesn’t really give much pleasure for all that. I just open a new pack.


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