Saturday, June 9th, 2007...4:09 pm

Al-Sultan com brand

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I’m sitting here smoking¬† “Mixed Fruit “¬† from the “Al-Sultan” brand sheesha com.

Its flavour is comming in nice and its a smooth smoke.

Can feel that nicotine too. “I’ll try my others and comment later


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  • Had some more Al-Sultan. It smokes for a long time (of course depending on how much in what size clay tobacco bowl).Its not a quick burning shisha, has LOTS of glycerine evidently, comes so juicy out of the box with one of the best fragrants of many standard brands. Just sniffing the air in the room before even lighting up is a great pleasure! The taste is great. I wrote about the mixed fruit I tried first, later had strawberry, cherry,grape,apple and orange.
    What suprised me is 2 things. As a new brand that I’ve never smoked I found the taste really fantastic, from the very beginning of the smoke until the very end, which is not true with all shisha flavours.
    I bought at online where I tend to order, among a number of others, but they have Al-Sultan brand which I wanted to has it too!

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