“Light my Fire” How to light up

This idea came to me as I’m listening to Live 365 (free) Online Radio.
Jim Morrison is sing a song from 1967-68 “Light my fire”. Yeah I was 16 or so then.
So how do you light up?
If you use natural coals, do like I do and put them on your kitchen gas cooker but don’t try to hide what your doing from your parents, cuz the flavour goes upstairs and all over the house. Don’t use a lighter either since they need to be cooked and lit well all over.
Its definately worth the trouble.
And for quick lighting coals, a match is enough most often, sometmes a second match.
A lighter is the best, but watch your fingers cook hot with a regular lighter like these :

I lucked out and found the disposible lighters with a long tin nose so that I don’t burn the fingers! Its re-fillable by buying an aerosol can of lighter fluid.It goes in the bottom hole of the lighter and makes a mean swooshing soundas it instantly fills up.http://www.promota.co.uk/LIGHTERS/Barbeque-Lighters/4154
Get in a store or buy long matches.

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