Alert: Smoking Hookahs Can’t Be THAT Bad For You!

Hookahs and Smoking and RunningSo all of you have been ambushed by those crazies who will tell you that smoking the hookah is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. Well, I am no doctor, but here’s a little story that made me a believe that this simply isn’t true…

Yesterday I had the great priviledge for running a 15K roadrace, which is about 9.3 miles, in Utica, Ny. Without (almost) any training and having been smoking the hookah quite often as of late, I didn’t have a bit of trouble. Hell, I was hung-over and didn’t have to take a break and walk during the race. I ended in 95 minutes… which was faster than most of those “I run everyday, never smoke, and only eat broccolli” types of people. You know em.

So when people come up to you and say that you can’t run if you’ve been smoking, just challenge them to a race and have a fine puff of the hookah when you win.

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