another cool idea, or not?

Their¬† are opinions that its a good idea to store your¬† shisha tobacco in the refrigerator. As mentioned before and I’ll only touch on it now, its no good. How do I know? From doing it 4 years ago when I was just starting out and had a small enough stash¬† of shisha to put in. It ruins the taste and if you keep it in long enough, it will get rancid.

That’s in practice. In theory the best thing you need to do upon using an unopened box of shisha for the first time is to open the seal, and let it sit out for between 1-4, some do for much more. The idea is to acclimatize theshisha. Maybe you¬† live in a dry arid desert area, this will affect your shisha’s way of evaporating upon smoking it. Or if you live in a humid zone, keeping it out will¬† acclimatize it to that smoking room’s humidity.

(Many cigar afficiandos  buy and use a thermadour which does the same thing for the cigar tobacco).

After that one time, you use the shisha you want to smoke and wrap up the rest well in a nylon or plastic bag, or ziplock and it would be nice after that to put your bags in an airtight tupperware type of box or container. No refrigeration! A room tempature closet or drawer is the end of that.

Some people will put the hookah bottle with water in the refigerator until its close to freezing, but be extra careful with that since the bottle can break very easily after that.

Try bottling cold water and pouring it in. I’ve heard about others who put the stem (shaft) in the freezer or even the hose. Firstly the metal will get hot after just a few minutes anyways but the hose is bad news. Why freeze leather or plastic or wood? And what about moisture condensation¬† from the freezer? If your hose is not of the washable type, its going to corrode and rust soon.

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