some ideas when using quick-lighting coals

I have often in the past used natural coals, and I really prefer them, but where I’m living¬† now its impossible.

Of course the quick lighting are usually more convenient but we all know about the flying sparks that a lot of them give off, and smoke, but above all the floor gets messed with a heavy film of gun powder, which is what  covers the coal and burns the outer layer.

Its bad to light the coals on top of the shisha itself since it will tend to burn the top layer or worse.

I’m using a very sparky coal now which sometimes¬† even bursts and sends nuggets of coal all over the wooden floor . I purchased a coal carrier of heavy tin but its built in such a way that makes it hard to get the coals out of so slowly I tied to improvise.

First I found laying around what looks like it was a large tray in one of those toaster ovens, its square shaped. I¬† put¬† the coals on that and then when they sparked hurridley got my home made wind breaker which I had formed circular and is made of heavy duty aluminum. Now when I light them, the coals will still smoke, but at least I’m not spraying my floor with black ash.

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