Camping out with your hookah

I have just the idea for you if you are going camping or to the beach. That you will bring your hookah along is a given.

But messing with packing shisha, having it get hot and drip or the clay bowl break is a B.

There is a nice invention called¬† “Mabruk” (Welcome).


Its a ready made shisha bowl with the foil, holes and shisha already there. The ammount of shisha is around 22 grams and smokes easily for an hour. 2 quick lighting charcoals of great quality are included. There are cherry and double-apple flavours available. The shisha is very “wet” and clean of tobacco stems.

It just makes life less messy and easier camping out when you’ll need to spend your time playing tag with the mosquitos.

Ahhhh! Eilat in Israel at the north of the Red Sea. I worked there in 1974 and moved to a communal farm 51 kilometers north in the desert. (Same beautiful Moab Mountain Range). For 3 years I never got tired of the mountains r

eflecting the suns rays and the show as they went from pink to purple in evening.

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