Easy way to cool off your smoke

You have an air valve on your hookah? Of course. Upon opening it up you will see the ball bearing in the small cup. Keep in mind that the ball bearing you have might be too small for the valve, too big, smooth or roughly hewn.If it is not smooth, you’ll be getting soot quickly attaching and it blocks the valve. Clean it off but better to buy some smooth balls of the correct size. ¬†The main reason for the valve is that as you inhale on the hose, the ball bearing is sucked down and closes thepotential leak. When you have too much smoke their, it releases it.

What happens if you ¬† feel the smoke getting temporarily too harsh or strong to inhale? could be you are using too much coal-heat. Try using less coal. Take some off. You should use the air valve to blow off extra heat and smoke. I do this¬† quite often, especially when I am smoking, writing the blog and resting the hose. The smoke is there in the bowl quickly getting stale.¬† Blow lightly into the hose to get the stale¬† smoke out, to cool off your smoke also.“Whata?”

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