cool off that hookah smoke for summer

It’s not getting any colder out there!¬† Now is the the time to¬†¬† put water¬† in your water bowl and take it out when the ice is formed, only at the top, or you will have a broken bowl like I did today. I put the fridge up on the lowest degree, and ir broke in 2 pieces. Hopefully it will glue well!

The best idea is to put in as many small ice cubes  into very cold water.

Another great item to buyis the¬† clay ice and tobacco holder from “”, just make sure you don’t over fill it or freeze it too quickly.

I used mine for a long while on almost every smoke  day after day for weeks It does an amazing job of cooling the whole smoke session.

 It is well worth the investment. I made the mistake of putting in too much water so that it overflowed.  2/3 water will keep it going nice.

Another thing I am doing again is¬† using milk,¬† a creamier “carnation”¬† concentrated which is sweet. Boy does that blow a lot of smoke! You can mix fruit into it, as long as its not citrus which will curdle it.

Cool summer smoking.

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