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Cultural Tolerance at the hookah Bar!

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The Hookah bar is a common ground for uniting all cultures. In a normal bar serving alchohol , you have to know what and who the crowd is before you go in to order a beer with your friends, or watch out.
If you are new to that bar, you’ll get looked over anyways, but if you are the only black in a all white bar, you are not going to feel at home. The same as one or two white people going to an all black bar. I’m of course generalizing, not 100% of the time. It could be a bar of all Poles, Arab tea house,a bar frequented only by women, or men, or a particular group of college students.
At the hookah bar its a known fact that its open to all cultures, of course its flavoured by the one thing in common here , our mutual inate human being, and the hookah.
You could say “Isn’t the Hookah an Arabic cultural thing?” No, it originated in India and spread to mainland China and Asia, to all of the Arab lands, to Europe by the various travelers or conquerers of said territories, and in the last 7 years making big inroads into America.
In the hookah bar you can expect to see people of all colours ,ethnic groups, religions and cultures. Its a desirable thing there.
So why not just a pub or bar where they serve beer on tap? “With booze you lose” is a saying not for nothing. It tends to mess with a person’s head, responses,emotions and often adds to violence.
Hookah smoking is a fun thing, a mutual enjoyment, especially if you are two people on a 2 hose hookah, a group sharing a one hose hookah, or 3-4- or 5 people on a multiple hosed hookah.
It draws people to a common denominator and as they relate to themselves as a group, become more one.
The same at home if you make a hookah party of each one bringing their own hookah or again using a multi-hosed narghileh.
Add music,coversation and enjoy the humane warmth.

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