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Does Smoking a Hookah Make You High?

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Does Smoking a Hookah Make You High?

There are many variations on this question out there, and also many different answers. I’ll let you know what I think from my experience:

Smoking a hookah, even just tobacco, does make you high!

But, it is a special type of high. If you can remember the head rush that you got from smoking your first cigarette, then you an have an idea of what it’s like. Hell, sometimes the feeling is so strong that I can barely stand up afterward.

The type of shisha you are smoking can make a big difference. I’ve found the cleaner tasting shishas (like mint, and not something like pineapple) can cause you to get a bit more high. Maybe I only think that because I like those better and can take deeper puffs. Also, although this idea hasn’t been tested, I am pretty sure that just taking a lot of deep breaths gets you a little headdy feeling. If you want to try something fun, do this:

Take 7 deep breaths breathing fully out and fully in with each breath and then on the 7th breath, hold your breath for as long as you can.

I learned this trick from Kundalini Yoga (a very ool practice by the way). Kundalini says that if you do this 3 times in the morning while watching the sun rise, then it will make you be happy all day. I’ve never tried it, but I know that doing it once anytime can make me feel great for a few minutes.

Happy Hookah Smoking!


  • i just tryed that….actually does cause a fairly nice feeling.

  • or just try puffing on some quality buddah…that ought to get you nice and high!

  • when smoking hookah , depending on the quality of the shisha you purchase , a person may experience a slight buzz or light headed feeling for about 5 minutes . personally i like the feeling and i enjoy smoking hookah with friends . its more a bonding experience then just smoking . also , its not an everyday kind of thing . once or twice a week wont kill anyone and its enjoyable . if a person just wants to smoke without a buzz , which is pointless , there is a very good tasty herbal shisha called Hydro . very tasty but theres no tobacco which means no buzz . ive tried it and it is very good .

  • Smoking hookah does not make you high! its just Fun to smell and fun to taste.. I should know I am arabic! Thats the problem of Bringin something from our culture to the U.S. you think that if it did it would be legal.. i dont think so..

  • Amarih is so right, people should read up on things and learn the history before they even attempt to try things. It started in india and then was brought to the middle east it it for you to relax and talk with friends. it is not to get high or loose control. These countries have been doing this for years and nothing bad happend America is always trying to screw things up by making it a drug. it is not suppose to be a drug. Other countries have no problems why should America go and damage something so traditional in other countries because of unwilling american to learn.

  • tony and casandra
    August 17th, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    tony shiflett and casandra shiflett christiansburg va werrrrrr smokin Hoooooooooooooookah noooooow woooooot dam we love this shit lol 😉 amaaaaaazinnnnnnng

  • I am Arab too, and every time my Arab friends smoke the hookah they get a baked looked like they’re floating on cloud 9. It doesn’t actually get you wasted — but the tobacco is very relaxing.

  • can they drug the shisha and make you addicted to it?
    does it cause sexual arousal?

  • so my friends asked me if i wanted hookah or whatever and i said no is that a good or bad thing? p.s. im only 16

  • thankx man this is nice

  • Smoking that now haha

  • Other countries have been smoking opium for centuries too doesn’t mean its not supposed to be a drug

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