Hookah Tips: Ideas from a Shisha Master

Hookah Tips

Once you‚Äôve got the basis down on smoking the Hookah, here are some tips to keep in mind to increase your sheesha smoking pleasure…

# Refrigerate your tobacco for longer tobacco life.

# Place ice in your base water for cool and fresh puffs.

# Mix food coloring or juice in the water for cool light effects.

# Mix different flavored tobaccos

# Blow into the hose gently to clear stale smoke.

# Mix tobacco with a little bit of the same flavored juice to enhance its flavor

# Change the water in the base before using each time

# Do not stuff the bowl with tobacco. It will get clogged.

# Poke many small holes in foil to endure slow charcoal burning.
And don’t forget to always enjoy yourself!

14 thoughts on “Hookah Tips: Ideas from a Shisha Master”

  1. Howdy. Good stuff here. Some misconceptions in your list here, however. Shisha is best kept in a cool, dark location. Refrigerating it can cause chemical changes that spoil the tobacco. When storing your tobacco, keep in mind that the best humidity to maintain is that of the ambient air. Hookah tobacco is best when it’s humidity is the same as the air you’re smoking it in. Therefore, don’t seal it completely. It’s ok to put it in a container, but don’t double ziplock it then put it in tupperware. It’s also a good idea to leave the portion you’re going to smoke out in the open air to acclimate for a few hours before you smoke it. This helps it reach an equilibrium with the air.

    As you can see, if you’re coming from a cigar backround, a lot of shisha technique will be counterintuitive. I promise, it works.

    As for stuffing the bowl, in fact, different tobaccos need to be packed different ways. This can depend on the cut, cure, and wetness of the tobacco. Most variances are between brands. Some is best “fluffed” and loosely laid in the bowl, while another brand is best “scooped” out of the containder and dolloped into the bowl. If you’re not getting enough airflow (and “pull” is a subjective thing) try poking more holes through to the bottom of the bowl. Some tobacco burns best when it’s touching the foil at the top, and other tobacco likes a little distance from direct contact with the heat source.

    Part of the fun of hookah is figuring out how to set up the perfect bowl for you. It seems complicated, but that’s because I like to write more than I should.

    Have fun!

  2. Bad to refrigerate mua’ssel shisha!
    You will add too much moisture.
    Take some salt, put it in a dish. If you put it in the frigerator, you will see the salt all crusty from moisture absorbtion,yes?
    You must smoke your shisha at the moisture level of your own rom.
    Are you smoking at the beach?In a airconditioned room, or not? In Arizona where its dry or again in Vancouver.B.C. Canada which is a humid atmosphere?
    Keep in mind that the shisha was manufactured in some Arabian country, or by Splash in USA. That is the tobacco mix’s basic moisture level as it leavesthe maker.
    By opening your shisha box and leaving the shisha out for an hour or two, it will not ever dry out, because it has the 25% glycerine for more moisture and to keep your mix from burning on contact with the coals.By leaving it out, before use, or at time of recieving it, you are making it fit for your own atmosphere’s smoking.
    Unless you smoke your hookah in a restaurant’s gigantic walk-in refrigerator, don’t ever fefrigerate.

    HARSH smoking.
    My bet is that you are packing the shisha in a tiny bowl, and its something all new users do. It “can’t” make sense to use so little in a bowl but this is the rule of thumb:
    You ONLY pack in as much shisha to a level rightbelow the rim, not rim level that it is scorched by the coal actualy now touching the foil. You’ll have both the shisha and coals touching each other on both sides of the foil.
    Keep it down for air circulation below the foil.
    Secondly,never tap down hard, or even lightly the tobacco. It needs to breathe like you do. In this case, the tobacco breathes the hot air of the coal, making it dissapate into the water and comming out vapour. If you tap down your shisha it will be hard to vacumn into the hose, hard to suck and will be HARSH, and burned!

  3. ok red bull in the water base nd dnt stuff thats bad the cold water doesnt change nething try mixing vodka also in the water base put milk for a strong hit nd a lot of smoke nd a lot of holes is right

  4. As the author of this forum/blog since June 2, I have mentioned how and why its the worst thing you can ever do– to refridgerate your shisha tobacco, posts were later written. It could be thee number 2 biggest mistake!

  5. I want to open a hookah lounge here in yuma Arizona. Got any tips for that? If so shoot me an email at ecjbluemoney @yahoo.com thankyou for your time

  6. we own a smoke shop in glendale az, do we need a seperate licence to open a hooka bar or can we use the same licence and what other tips can you give me to make the hooka bar succesful? thank you

  7. Guys you need to try the new advanced shisha instead of using normal head to put the tobacco
    Use Apple or pineapple as a head
    For the pineapple all u need is half pineapple then you need to start digging most of the heart of the pineapple make a drink out of it and drink it 😉 and from the bottom dig a small hole so you can fit it in the shisha and fill it up with your fav shisha tobacco and cover it up with foil and as you gona do for the normal head small holes in foil then charcoal
    Enjoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy i am sure you will like

  8. Man, people really do call the tobacco itself sheesha, huh? It seems like it is just one of those words that start off wrong but will get too big to reverse. Sheesha originally means the actual apparatus, people. But whatever, no big deal.

  9. Make the bowl out of a fruit makes the Shisha last must longer while maintaining it’s smoothness. It tastes delicious as well! Also, if you like to blow out thick-juicy smoke add milk and ice cubes to the water in the base. The milk causes the smoke to get thick and the ice gives you the cool sensation.

  10. I find that 2 tablespoons of cream do a much better job of building big clouds than a 1/2 mix of milk and water. It’s the milk fat that thickens the smoke.


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