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Double-Head ceramic bowl for shisha mixing (continued from end of previous post)

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Just as I was on the previous post about to upload a few photos of the double-headed ceramic bowl for  shisha, the electricity went off for a moment and had to re-boot the 8th time.

Here in yellow is the double-head from “, in purple is the ceramic (no, its not plastic) head with a hole to put water in and then place in freezer for a great, cold smoke! The small brown is the glazed clay small sized bowl.

Here is a link to get all 3 at a package deal price!

double-head mix bowl alone 

clay bowl

Ice Bowl              

all 3 in package deal

As I wrote in the previous post at the end, the double-bowl is great in saving  you the time of mixing two shishas.

You just drop one flavour in the right side bowl and another taste in the left! The bowls are round, but not slopping 

as in regular bowls. They also smoke much longer than a regular bowl, each one in itself.
A second virtue is that in mixing tow different brands of shisha lets say “Double-Apple Nakhal” and “Al-Waha mint” they will never smoke well, since the Nakhla has less glycerin content then the Al-Waha mint. Al-Waha always has more glycerin %, and the mint even more! The smoke mixed together in one bowl will be pretty bad, I know from experience! In the double-head bowl, you can put each flavour as it is alone, even using a different company brand in each one.As they cook separetly this will be no problem at all! Only enjoyment to you.
Also you see the purple bowl up above, it is an ice-bowl. There is a hole that you add about 1/3 or more cup of water and put into your freezer. not too long it will freeze quite quickly and the smoke is cool. There is room in the bowl for about 20 grams of shisha!
Happy smoking!
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