“Well here I sit with a broken heart, I took 3 bennies and my Semi-Truck won’t start!”


Tales from the Ozone

Here is the song :

http://www.rhapsody.com/commandercodyWhat can I do? Writing this blog and the area I live in has had 6 power failures! Each one for a second’s time, but my P.C. closed¬† and needed re-booting ,finding the sites I was on, fixing the¬† blog, etc. Thank G-D what I write is saved, but its a pain in the tuchess!

And I had 7 cups of very strong tea which IS caffineated¬† if you Americans don’t know. Just like many “soft” drinks. I would never buy a carbonated drink without caffine!

This is me :

Anald drinks it too!

Drank 15 coffee’s and my P.C. won’t re-boot!

Well, when the electricity went off, I was in the middle of smoking my hookah,  with 2 flavours. I was using adouble bowl, which I love since it has a very long neck on both sides and then even longer going down to the shaft

Didn’t I tell you?
Again the electricity went off for a second!
In order to show you photos of the double-bowl for shisha I might have to write another post….lets see if the blog set-up will work it…

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