Wednesday, June 20th, 2007...7:40 pm

Dumb Luck is better than Sense

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     I  have  always bought  nakhla locally in small stores  for really cheap.

I’ve ordered the 50 gram packs too, online so that I would get many flavours.

I never bought the Nakhla in the 250.00 gram can since I made the equasion and found it too high.

I figured that the can is air tight, but I have plastic bags, and can save.

Well, I took a chance and ordered a double-apple inthe 250. can to check if there WAS a difference.

     Here is the  pack look and price  at  : 

     here is the can : at the bottom of page :

Cost is a bit more, but when I opened the can, I saw a difference from the small 50 gram packs  immediately!

Much more  fragrance, more juicy from glycerine and honey.

Its much  tastier to smoke also.

¬†¬†¬†¬† The circus manager P.T. Barnum from around 100 years ago¬† is quoted¬† “A fool is born¬† every second”

Was he refering to me?

¬†¬†¬†¬† I’ve noticed that in all the hookah companies except for Roman and Fumari,¬† they keep the price down to sell more volumn. (Like paying for an overpriced status-symbol car”.

     If one 28 inch high hookah  is a higher price than a similar hookah at that company selling higher, its always because the more expensive one is made of higher quality.

     Sales are in big volumn today.

When friends get together and discuss prices of shisha, they usualy find that ” the price is right, and justifies the cost level.

Dollars and cents, dollars and sense.

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  • As a multi-million dollar baseball player, I still came up from the ‘hood, and like a good, cheap deal.
    My millions I give to many charities!

  • Arkadi.Geydamak
    June 20th, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    I am a world known billionaire, and still I have my people who do market reserch, the best reps.
    I am a big spender, but don’t like to waste.
    For great quality I’ll pay a bigger price.
    Arkadi Geydamak

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