hookah forum stolen by big business intrests

I had a hookah forum going for about 3 years at gooogle groups called “Hookah-

Lovers”.There were around 500 people whom I actually myself convinced to join, from verious local hookah lounges, but it basically turned into a blog of my own doing. I was¬† #2 member listed¬† as “Tom Sar” after Heshel Pashell was the owner started it¬† as “owner” for the commercials and advertising that google does on the page, but he didn’t write unless I “prodded” him out of his¬† shell quite defencifly to shake a fist and¬† run to his shell.

owner of hookah-lovers answered, and here is a reply by “Tom Sar”

here is the link


It was  meant to be about hookah things only and with humourous intent.

I have left it for a year and find it taken over by comercial intrests.

Here is view send in by Tom Sar to the new owner of Tom Sar’s” forum forum which was hijacked and stolen from him by commercial intrest at google groups!


(The owner even deleted all my original posts ).
Thems the breaks.
I’ve been thrown out of better places than google foru.
I’ve checked out the hookah-lover’s forum at yahoo, its full of posts like”Want to find your dream girl, the one with 4 eyes and bad breath just like you do? call here! Or ads. for viagra and such. no hookah there.
hookah 1

and see here the “new owner” “hookah gossip”

8 thoughts on “hookah forum stolen by big business intrests”

  1. I was a member of the Google Goups Hookah-Lovers forum
    I was taken off, and many other members that Tom Sar signed up in order to “Buy out” by proxy his intrest in getting things moving at hookah-lovers group.
    The proof is-most of the posts generated are by church groups and advertisers of viagra.
    There used to be 20 or so new posts each day, now that forum is pretty dead
    A Rod

  2. as one of the early members of that google group forum hookah-lovers, the only hookah forum at the time by google, they didn’t let me logon already 16 moths or so.What gives by them?
    Jules Verne

  3. (to the writer of this post)
    Dr. M. Tom Sar,
    I take offence. “Big Business” is pure capitalism and good for the common masses of American people.
    I’ll talk to my people at Google and have them correct your problem immediately.
    Donald Trump


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