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EGGNOG shisha?

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 recipes to make eggnog :

Wow, I got this recipe from a friend. “Eggnog” flavoured hookah session!

1)Take an exotic shisha like cinnamon,cloves, mint etc.

2)fill your water bottle 2 parts water & ice

3)1 part EGGNOG, remember that too much of the thick mixture with eggs and milk will bubble up into your stem if you add too much-believe me…you’ll be drinking weak watered down eggnog¬† thru your hose if you add too much. Make sure your liguid level is lower than you normally use with just H2O

4) you are ready to smoke-providing you have coalsRemember what President Clinton¬† used to say :”Its the economy,stupid”.

Chappy Cholidays  for:



                                                      Arnold needs votes


I’d like to mention that I am¬† always writing this forum/blog in Israel where I live between the cities of Bethleham and Hebron.

I live between Bethleham and Biblical Hebron

We have had the very rare experience of 4 very strong earthquakes in this area.

I lived in the Galilee in a city ruined twice completely by earthquakes for 26 years.

The ones this last week were much stronger than I ever felt up north in the Galilee. Here I felt the shaking each time for about 7 seconds each time! Thank G-D no one hurt .Sign? Everything is a sign from G-D, question is if we go off the deep end and make wild interpretations.

I will not bother you with my own personal feelings about these earthquakes-but I see them as for good!

Today’s Bethleham :

I have been there a number of times since 1968.Today it seems that the majority of houses are owned by Muslims who have been buying property there for years.

 New Years

2007?so nu, what happened?

Remember what is written in the Torah :

“A man takes ¬†1¬† ¬†drink and he becomes happy to see his friends and serve the Lord his creator.¬†¬† 2 ¬†drinks¬† and he becomes angry at his friends and the Lord his creator.¬†¬† 3¬†¬† Drinks and he acts like a monkey”.

Or as Lou Reed the artist sings¬† quoting again the Bible “You are going to reap just what you sew”.!!

Hookah 1


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