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I had imagined…that

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I had imagined always the past and modern Arabic Sheikh when it came to smoking hookah in certain ways in my head.(pronounced like “Shachk”)soft “a” or soft “e” depending where in the Middle East you come from.

When a Sheikh wanted a special hookah all he would have to do in the past was to order a servent to rummage through his wide assortment of prizes and gifts given him over the years by friends

 (or foe), admirers and other tribal leaders.

There would be gold plated hookahs,  narghilas with precious jewels inlaid, pearls, especially etched and engraven and so.

And today in modern times, it must be a higher class hookah they buy or recieve as gifts. As is known in many Arabian countries, as well as Pakistan, Afgahnistan, India, parts of China¬† and more ¬†the whole family sits down after¬†the evening meal ¬†to smoke together.And what would the modern Sheikh smoke? With today’s modern amenities and world trade not in slow ships of the past in the Far East only, but the possibilities of ordering any jewels or metals from all over the world by plane including the beautifully handblown and cut glass of Belgium and Czhechia oonly money is the problem in buying the best of all rich worldly hookahs.

How about this beautifuly made Lebanese modern hookah?or these Lebanese (not gold, but if you have the dough-its-good-to-go!)H17Water pipe (arguile)-48- Ag 27/72Water pipe (arguile)-6-Ag 21/3Again, fit for a Prince,King or Sheikh$$$.

But I was only fooling myself! These 48 karat gold or jeweled hookahs 4,5.6.7 feet high are like your idea of a … hookah.

I’ve heard of custom made hookahs for theArabian Princes built into the¬† side of swimming pools, gigantic card tables for 40 people of real TeakWood ¬†from Asia with a built-in narghilah for each of the 40 card players.

Pool tables     with built in hookahs. (Smoking allowed only between shots of course).The sky is the limit. Built into the bedside,  into the water spa,       limosine,     , yacht multi-media complex.

Okay you probably aren’t an Arabian Sheihk

or¬† even a friend of one…

Just one of the regular guys like me

Who knows ? You or you woman might both grow up one day to be President of the United states of America and then you will have the last laugh!!!

¬†”Smile you ass, its MY turn now”

“Got some shisha¬† Hillary?”

Hookah 1 (on the private jet smoking hookah with Prince Daud Ibn Al-Fakher)


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