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Exotic shisha tobacco brands

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A great site to list and review some Premium high grade shisha brands with each its own line and make of various flavors.
Its strange, but well known, one company brand reputedly with one of the best group of tobacco and true -to -flavor name taste can get it almost right on 16 out of 20 flavors for example with great reviews and raves, but 4 flavors can turn out to be “Dogs”.
There is a non-premium standard brand with great, cheap flavors, but its well known that their “Peach” flavor is reviewd by many forum members as tasting like soap.
Here under Pemium priced Exotic brands you can expect to pay Exotic prices and get premium taste.
We shall review and see. I of course will write my opinion, but its an opinion no better than yours the readers and the more the merrier. If we can get lots of people subcribed to this subject, so much the better.I have smoked so many brands and more come out all the time. My bankroll has an opinion too! So that of the exotic brands listed, lots I’ve had, but not all, and I will have to smoke em if I am giving a review later.

At the same time, we will run a flavor poll, length of smoking time, price wise to compare one to the other.
This blogger can tell yo at least this enclosed message.
“the price is right”is totally wrong.
There is one premium brand of flavors which charge the highest price per 250.00 gram pack hoping to “prove” that its the best, a pure marketing scheme, while another also soon to be exposed brand at this site also has premium taste and slow burning ma’asell, but its marketing program scheme is to bust down the big boys with top flavor, top preformance and the lowest prices at 250.00 gram packs. They are also selling even cheaper at half a kilo packs and full kilo packs costs “borscht”.
My aim is not to tell you what is the best tasting at the cheapest price, or even the best tasting at the highest price.
That will evolve only with your the subscriber’s own quick input, your comments, and opinions which will be printed here for all to see, and then I’ll have proof when I make my famous “expose’ .
So, register, log in and tell us what you like, you may add to the list of “Premium-top class” shisha”.


  • austin.powers99
    June 3rd, 2007 at 8:42 pm

    Crikey, you don’t have to be the world’s master sleuth and secret agent to know after smoking “Nakhal Peach” flavor that it tastes like 2 kinds of liquid dish washing soap. its agreed toby all the polls on the best of hookah forums.
    Check out the archives.
    And as for the “big-boys of price hiking”, I have to say a very good word for the “Romman”
    Romman tobacco led by the giants of great busisness accumen the “Romman brothers ” Sammi and I forget you not but it seems that I did forget his name. When it comes to marketing, they cannot be beat. I’ve been watching for 5 or ore years and the Romman price tag on a 250 gram box runs around $15.50. So the price is stable even as the dollar has been sinking.
    So does their taste and flavor “sink”. For the price of “Nakhla” a nice tasting brand, but standard low prices I wouldn’t again smoke Romman. I dreamed for 2 years about getting my hands on some, ordering online but the price, the price.
    Well, when I took a chance and payed more for the 50 gram boxes in order to taste all 15? flavors-I was blown away by the obnoxious noxious smell of that stuff burning. one coal only or less.
    Later they explained that you need to put just a bit of coal on it. So, why don’t they advertise before I buy from them, and waste my “hard earned”?
    I did on at least 9 flavors put only a half coal, and if it still tasted burnt and raunchy then probably the best way to smoke it is by never lighting the shisha!!!Hah.
    I would love to pay big top dollar for big top taste. But for this?
    Yes, Sammi I pack my shisha lightly, don’t tamp it down and I leave a bit of room at the top for good airflow and such.
    Anyone else get burnt by “Romman”?

  • What , or who is this A Rod?
    Is your real name “Rodney”?

    Oom Kool Toom is not the name of a premium shisha brand.
    Its the name of the most famous ever Arab woman singer ever. She sang some songs live 5 hours long sometimes. King Farouk of Egypt would give her his palace to sing in.There are so many recordings to prove it.
    I suggest thatyou try a really fine brand of Egyptian tobacco called “Ibn Kalb”com, its very fine and as a big spender,you would appreciate it!
    Bujy Hertzog

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