Make it a Thicker smoke

Would you like to thicken your smoke?
Here are a few ideas:
Add juice to your bottom water bowl.
Today I bought some plum juice .
Firstoff I poured out 3 days of the previous water. It was a bit gree, from heavy use. Cleaned the bowl with a little bit of dish washing soap contridicting whateveryone says, you won’t taste sopin yournext smoke.
You DO WASH your dishes after use, yes? Just rince it well.
If you rinse with hot water, like I do, then slowly and gradualy add cooler water so that the glass will not crack you will not taste soap.
I then cleaned the shaft pored in the juice. My water bowl is non colored which is how I ordered it. Now I have a purple colored 3/ fourth’s bowl.
Lo and behold, thicker smoke.
But is that all smoke? No!
The test of good smoking is not in burning the tobacco,glycerine and fruit honey mixture, but in”vaporizing it”.
(That’s not your doing, but its the process ofsmoking the hookah.
What the fruit juice is doing is adding more percent moisture and vapors, that’s not reall smoke there.
Yes, I have a thicker smoke, but it cuts down some on the true taste of my melon flavored shisha. I can actualy taste right now the added vapor -moisture on my tongue, and I think I’ll sonswitch make to water. The choice is yours to make.
Last week I added tea, again thicker smoke, but I didn’t enjoy the taste at all.
More ideas on making thicker smoke will come soon….

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  1. and ice to the water, it condenses the smoke. depending on the size of the bowl, i use a 3″ bowl, 1 1/2 coals with a wind cover.


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