HERBAL no tobacco for your health

Had a few flavors of the India made SOEX Herbal smoke this week (honey flavor, vanilla,mint,so far).
As mentioned here, if there is no tobacco, then what is pouring out of my mouth and nostrils? Its vapor, the same as smoking tobacco through added water, the effects of honey, glycerine and fruit too. Did you ever smoke a “wet” cigarette?
I found these 3 non tobacco, no tar and nicotine smokes very pleasurable. Though I like the tobacco smokes which I have smoked for years, the”Soex” herbal are truly nice.
You’ll have to trythem to believe. Go online to order, keep in mind that if you live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and can buy at “ShishaPipe.com”,you” be paying twice the American price. Its a “King’s Ransom”-literally.
In the USA its actually a very cheap non tobacco smoke.
Anyone who’s had “Soex” herbal should add his comments.

Also “Soex” com. makes “AFZAL” which knocked me over twice. I had peach and later mint flavor.
Why twice?
First the taste is only superbly wonderful. Second, it was a longer smoke than most. In a bowl of around 25 grams I had a 75 minute smoke.
I also used the new “Soex” charcoal quick lighting kind.
Unlike any of the Greek or middle-eastern quick lighting charcoals that must be burnt outside, smell anyways, and smell up your clothes in a quick ghastly plume of fumes, this charcoal I put right on the foil- again contrarily to all the laws of good hookah smoking. If you do that with any other quick lighting coal, you will smell up the room for 3 hours, and quickly scorch your tobacco shisha even before you’ve begun to smoke.
Soex charcoals light swiftly with no smoke- at all! No real heat while going since itsa mild,even spark going….you are all ready to start smoking and no ghastly tasteto blow out of your hose or inhale.
For me its like a revalation, the Soex charcoal. more to come on charcoal in another area….

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  1. Hookah 1, did you “discover America” today?
    Where have you bee? I first had Herbal soex in a local hookah lounge. The hookah attracted me, but nicotine and tar put me off. The news of no tobacco commercially made herbal flavors were big news, so I went back to try. Its not going tobe a habit former, and the lounge is no cheap thril, either. The pleasure was all mine.
    C 2 Much

  2. Hey John,
    Soex company has a brand of shisha called “Afzal” which is tobacco based shisha like regular shisha. It is extra strong tobacco and flavours. You can tell. I smoke many brands of shisha and the only non-tobacco kind I’ve had was the Soex line.Right away, I could feel all the same tastes ofshisha with for example their pinapple flavour, but I knew it was non-tobacco. Its like a person who is a big coffee drinker getting a cup or two of good well perculated de-cafinated coffee. He/she would know right away. Its only your preference, but, yes its for sure non-tobacco, no tar as advertized. As far as “smoke” in your lungs, these are the vapours of any smoking hookah session whether nicotine or non-nicotine. The shisha mix-honey, tobacco and 25% glycerine are heated, not burnt, and the vapours go down the pipe shaft into the water and are even more vapourized when they come out of the water and into your hose and then into your facial orfice (hopefully) as humourous vapours which can be puffed out or inhaled.
    Hookah 1

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