Exotic shisha tobacco brands


Those 2 words make me happy to see!

Another of the many Jordanian great shisha tobaccos that His Majesty King Hussein¬† of Jordan’s country are famous for, including Al-Waha, Al-Ouns, Abed El-Khader,Al-Sultan, Saet-Safa ¬†among others.

First heard the name “Al-Ouns” brand shisha from Abu Dani the Christian-Lebanese emigre’ who lives in Ottowa,Canada. He has a 4 year hookah blog , one of the first, and his own online Canadian online stores called “Arguily” which¬† means hookah-shisha -the “Greater Syria” name for hookah, like “narghile ” and “Nargilah”.



What is “Geater Syria”? The area of Syria,Israel,Jordan and Lebanon” bloc before the English and the League of Nations¬† carved up the Arabian countries among themselves and in most cases drew the new border lines¬† in straight lines.¬† Look at Iraq,Kuwait,Israel,Jordan,Syria and Saudi Arabia-all have those long straight borders unless like in Lebanon Jebal Baruch and the Anti-Lebanon mountains (been there, beautiful) make thier own borders¬† or at Israel and Saudi Arabia,Egypt ¬†the Red Sea (has its own natural way of making borders as well does of course the Mediteranian Sea). We have Lawrence of Arabia and his¬† funny business to partly thank for that! Its an amazing recent history and the reason (politically- not religiously) ¬†for all the fighting in the Middle-East. Can’t blame Israel for that one, as¬† the funny map was drawn right after the end of World¬† War One 1917!

Religious wars of today and political reasons make our countries boiling  after they fermented in hate for a long time.

Back to “Abu Dani”¬† at www//Arguily¬† store and his great hookah blog where he turned me onto the name “Al-Ouns” tobacco. Its the only thing that he smokes personally. Like he mentions¬† ” a Marlboro cigarette smoker smokes only one brand, or a Camel smoker will “Walk a mile for a Camel” cigarette. (Do they still say that in their ads?)¬† As a kid¬† of around 3-4 in 1957 I had that brainwashed into my head . from the comercials.¬† ¬† Imagine my happiness when at age 16 I dumped my Salem’s,Marlboro’s and Lark ciggies and became a dedicated Camel smoker until I quit cigarettes at age 21 cold-turkey in one day and didn’t start again until I was 50 to take up the “hookah¬† hobby”.

So Abu Dani smokes “Al-Ouns”but where was I to get it?

I looked on the online stores and found  www//hookah4Less,www//smoking-hookah.com,  www//arguily.com, www//WestCoastHookahs.com, www//EastCoastHookahs.co and www//Hookah.us 

 had them to buy, online 5  great fruit shisha flavours in 200 gram tins well covered and so wet and juicy really dripping!  The kind you have to wash your hands of after packing your clay bowl!

¬† I ordered and bought Al-Ouns “Double-Apple”.(Apples Flavour) .¬†Its literally the best thing that I have EVER smoked until today June 5th 2007! Double-Apple(apple’s flavour)¬†is strongly anise-based flavour which is…licorice plant flavour. Did you ever drink clear Greek “ouzo” or the same Middle-East “Arak” (same clear drink). No color to it. Add a bit of water and it turns cloudy white in your glass.

That is the¬† beautiful taste of Double-Apple Al-Ouns, and I¬† felt, “Now I know what taste is”. It sounds trite, but its true.¬† It¬† can be ordered, but often not available since its sold out.¬† Try it to find out if I am giving you a bum steer (or a¬† forlorn cow).

They have only 5 flavours, grape, double-apple(apple’s flavour) , mixed fruit,¬†¬†strawberry and cherry. see here the link at the bottom of the page


If you can get some, or the other 4 flavours you” thank¬† Abu Dani for first¬† showing it to all of the www//

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3 thoughts on “Exotic shisha tobacco brands”

  1. My favorite flavor to smoke, (its quite exotic) is GUAVA flavor. Only 3 companies make GUAVA, Fumari.com, HookahCompany.com, and the “Abu Ali com. “They munufacture in Baharain.
    I aslo like often to smoke “Candy flavor” the brand is from “Farid Al Atrash.com” in Egypt. Anyone else smoked these 2 brands? I heartily reccomend.
    Brer Rabbits-Bunny Brothers

  2. You made me interested and curious (green—with envy)
    so I just yesterday made an order to Hookah.US.com to order double-apple(apples flavor).I’m hoping.
    Ernest Biber the”Eager Beaver”

  3. The best brand of Hookah tobacco is Fumari.com brand, so fine and tasty. (Of course the price reflects the high quality of this tobacco which is not for everyone’s purse or wallet.)
    But I have some of the deepest pockets in the world, so I want to make a proposition right here :
    I would like to buy the Fumari.com at any price in reason, along with all its stock options and bond issues. We can work this out right away; I will fly over your Board Of Directors to my headquarters in my corporate jet (Medium size , but large enough to fit up to 50 people in quiet comfort).
    Let me hear from you by tonight at 12:00, I must have this company.
    Arkadi Geydamak


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