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Hookah-Lover’s favourite flavour poll

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Want to start a multi layered question poll now,

1) “What is your (ONLY ONE) favourite flavour?

2) What BRAND mu’assel shisha-tobacco is your favourite to buy?

You can see some of the company manufacturer’s names on the right hand of the page (but there are many that are omitted here for TEMPORARY lack of time and space)

3) If you were banished to Saint Elba Island like the British banished Napolean Boneparte’ “for Life” and were given all the food, mosquito repellant, videos and free postage stamps (no p.c. or cellphones) that you required
AND a chance to get a free supply delivered of any 5 brands of Shisha Mu’assel combinations with your only 5 favourite flavours, what would they be?

4) “Weirdest flavour you ever HEARD of.
Doesn’t mean you’ve smoked it, or would.
There is cinnamon, Earl Grey tea flavour which I love-but its not sugared at all, Cardammon flavour (Arab Hel flavour for Turkish coffee).
Okay, I’ll admit it here….I eat everything with garlic, have heard of garlic-chocolate so I made once home made garlic shisha with my glycerine, honey,garlic and Iranian (wetted) shisha tobacco.
I liked it, but it stayed the main dominant flavour for the life of my Cobra hose!
Best to write in names of already manufactured stuff like kiwi, pinacolada, tequilla, (Bloody-Mary chaps?). Here is your chance for some imput and personalfame.
Don’t forget, would you bring this flavour to your Elba Island home? Be carefull.
hookah 1 , 4u

First off- so that you won’t think me that bad a speller, I have to write some type-hype right now.
In English if you live inthe UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and its subjects i.e. Jamaica, Israel up until 1948,Arabian countries ,some of africa, Australia,Canada, etc, many words are writtenwith a “U” in them.
Favourite,Flavour,Humour,Qeue,Al-Qemah,Queensbury,Queen,Quneitra (of Syria) etc.
And why you may ask, when the American form of English dropped their “Q”‘s and “U”‘s ?
Well, isn’t English an Anglo-Saxon language first comming from Latin, and as England was conquered in various parts or re-conquered it added on the French Gaul,bits of Spanish (also Gaul), the language added from various Viking conquest, often a quick rape and burn by fellow Ireland who were conquering parts of Britain and being beaten back, the Germanic tribes of Anglos, later the Saxons who did them in, its the story of every nation in the world almost. Changed rulers, cultures, languages ,maps and religions. English is a ever-growing live language. If you had called President Kennedy your “hommie” then he’d” punch you out”, or said to your only one why don’t we jump in my low-rider and rotate these wheels” she’d call her father and probably have you put in jail overnight.(Today many girls haven’t seen their father in 3 years or more).”Whata”!!!!!!!!!!


  • You gotta be kiddin me?
    As a native son of the Lonestar State on the TexMex border, my favorite flavor anything, any tobacco flavor at all, any brand will do, as long as you fill my hookah bowl with tequilla instead of water. Cripes it blows the back of yo haid rite off.
    Doug Sahm (and band)

  • You flavored your shisha with garlic. Did you buy a new hose?
    I ain’t no p’ boy no mo so I buy the finest, premium tobacco brand on the market. Tried Romman, al-fakher, havana, all top premium brands, but I buy the best at the hookah lounge in Manhatten at the lounge store in 250 gram cans.
    “Oom Kool Toom” brand is by far my favorite and the most expensive at $26 for 250 grams, but I reccomend it if you want a man’s taste, the real thing. Oom Kool Toom
    A Rod
    (Yep, of the New York Yankees baseball team).

  • My favorite brand to smoke is NAKHLA.The most widely distributed sheesha in the world, cheaply priced,but its comming out with new flavors all the time, really fine ones. I love the new taste of Cardammon,Cinnamon,Cho-Mint,Earl Grey tea flavor.I bought Al-Fakher almost all of the flavors at one large expensive order. I did a trial, I made up a bowl for each flavor, put its alumminum foil on it, and covered in 2 plastic baggies in a drawer without writing the names of the flavors on it.In most cases I had to guess “is this cherry or strawberry?”.Often I couldn’t tell. A few I could,the melon,lemon (horrible). And the mint was by far the worst mint I’ve ever had. I bought from HookahCompany.com a reputable firm, and each box had a halogram on it proving it is the Real MCoy. I didn’t appreciate Nakhla , had Romman flavors (all) which Idid not like, even worse. I haven’t had, Tangiers,Havana,Starbuzz,Fumari and some other premium flavors so I can’t say.
    Al-Qemach which is made by the same company as Al-Fakher I really enjoyed. I’m happy by far with Nakhla and its low price.

  • Mr.DetroitTiger
    June 18th, 2007 at 12:09 am

    I love as my favorite brand of shisha smoke “Al-Waha”
    My best tasting flavor is “Baharain”
    Mr.Detroit Tiger-
    Al Kaline

  • Boris.Badenov1959
    June 18th, 2007 at 12:26 am

    We mayke in “Mother Russia” bast smoc sheeshah it kalled
    “5 Year Plan” Brand.
    Yes, in “Mother Russia” we had ourr Five Year Plans!
    This meny amount of Russia Kolchoz grow fiynesst tobak in hol world beter than USA even.
    Myne favorite flayvor it is “Distilled Potayto grayn”. Geeves the beeg kick!

    Boris Badenov from KGB Spy 1959

  • Dizzy.Daffy.Dean
    June 18th, 2007 at 12:35 am

    Dizzy : “my favorite flavor is cappucino of El-Basha.com”
    Daffy: and my favorite flavor is mint “Al-Waha”.
    Dizzy & Daffy Dean

  • AvigdorLieberman
    June 18th, 2007 at 12:45 am

    I will not tell you any “Abu Ali” fish stories. I’m a pragmatic realist.
    The obvious and best shisha tobacco flavor in all the world is :
    Al-Ouns” grape, which I’m enjoying this very moment.
    Avigdor Lieberman

  • Hooka one, I neverthought about adding garlic to my home made sheesha mixes, but my favorite blend are the home-mades I make at home. “Strawberry-Mint” herbal, “Banana-Cherry” herbal mix.
    No nicotine, no tar, and it doesn’t always come out 100% of the time, but that’s all the fun of home-made shisha.
    Ahh Kalteh Cold Cholent

  • My favourite is Al Waha cherry, with added 100% cherry juice in the bottom bowl.
    Gold Fish

  • choco-mint from el-nakhla is really tasty.

  • As mentioned before, if you mix 2 different company brands of sheesha in a bowl, you” most likely have a bad smoke.
    Each brand puts in a certain percentage of glycerine. The glycerine is an expensive part of the tobacco mu’assel and hone, with flavours added mix.
    Some companies have decided to keep the cost down.
    For this reason, most el-nakhla has a less % of glycerine and is not as wet and juicy.

    By mixing el-nakhla mint with abed-el khader lemon in the same bow, you will notice the mint taste comming in the bowl more strong i thebeginning as it dsapates quicker. You wil be left with the lemon taste for at least 15-25 minutes longer as the abed-el khader has more glycerine and “burns” actually evaporates more slowly.
    So there is no real mix there.

    But if you buy the multi section bowl or the double or triple head bowl, you can put each separe brand in, add less of the slow burning kinds, and both flavours wil come through.
    I am smoking those 2 now, nakhla minthol and abed el-khader now.
    They go great together.
    Go online to find the bowls.
    hookah 1

  • I’m new to this forum, had heard abot it from a friend in Palestine. Very nice, what-hey!!

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