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Best ideas on where and how to store you mu’assel tobacco

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According to the many views on where to store your shisha tobacco, many people have said that keeping it in the refridgerator will ruin it for sure. One blog writer says that he does,but he is a minority of one.
“Tangiers” has addressed this subject in many posts.
The basics he says is the ammount of moisture in the air and how it will affect your shisha tobacco.
Keep in mind that most mu’assel is around 25% glycerine, the wetting agent which keeps the shisha moist. (Try keeping your strawberries fresh for 3 years!). The glycerine also binds the honey, tobacco andfruit. It keeps the shisha from otherwise burning from the heat.
Living is arid desert climates like Saudi Arabia or Arizona will affect the tobacco in one way, and smoking in Iceland or Alaska in the winter quite differently.
Vancouver B.C., Canada is known for its rainy climate almost all the year, and the moisture in the air wil affect the shisha and keep it wet.
But most shisha is manufactured in dry, arid Middle-East. When it comes to you, before smoking Tangiers and other experts agree on opening the box and letting it acclimitize for 2-10 hours, then return it to the box. This conditions it to your climate.
Refridgerating will add cold and moisture, but then you take it out, and then the climate changes it a third time, then if you put it back in the fridge, bigger problems.
Don’t refridgerate, but keep it best in its box, in a tupperware type plastic sealed box and then put in your cabinet-all will be fine.
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  • austin.powers99
    June 6th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    I’ve done that, when first starting to smoke hookah, made logical sense after all, you’d put fruit in the cooler.
    What I didn’t know is that about 1/4 the shisha mixture is glycerine to keep it moist. Well the tobacco didn’t taste as good as it had smoked before.
    Now from reading hookah 1’s article I understand why.
    Austin Powers

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