Wednesday, June 6th, 2007...1:08 pm

Pssst! Did you see that MINI ?

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Now this is going to be strange:
I’ve smoked almost only large sized hookahs, and have a medium sized, made my own once, but NEVER smoked a MINI sized hookah.
Hey you out there in cyberspace!
Who’s smoked a mini, who has bought ?
Can see from here the great possibilities of a mini. It comes with its own protective carrying case IF you buy online on the web.
It is great for the beach, won’t tip over in the sand. (Which a large one will , even buried well in the sand for support.
They are easy to clean and care for, cheap to buy, good quality material made by the best manufacturers from India, China Syria, Egypt.
But how well they taste and preform, can’t enlighten you.
I used to take my medium sized to a local graveyard to relax (Only 3 times-I AM weird but not yet crazy!). The medium and mylarge tasted the same.
Lets hear your opinion here in the comments.

Mini Hookah


  • The mini(s) I bought are ferosious and so mean!
    I have 4 and they cost the same all 4 what a large hookah will cost.
    That way I have what to take with me, give to friends who come over .Each person smokes the flavor which they want, we don’t have to share a flavor that one or more people don’t care for.
    And the smoking tastes the same.
    Some say that the large hookah smokes cooler, but its nul.
    Bujy Hertzog

  • Eric.My.Pet.Fish
    June 6th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    Can you imagine smoking a large sized hookah in your car?
    And a medium sized will tip over probably.
    A mini size hookah does not tip over unless you get mad at it and slap its face.
    I rigged up a plywood board with a mini bowl sized hole, painted it and it fits exactly snug between the 2 front car seats.
    I can low ride around the streets and smoke.
    Just make sure you never smoke anything but shisha tobacco in it.
    Marijuana leaves aburnt resin in the hookah pipe which ruins it after one use.
    Hashish will not hurt the pipe at all, but it will leave enough for the police to check it and find tell-tale results that you wouldn’t want to deal with it. Its dangerous to smoke hash and drive anyways, but sheesha tobacco is fine, and fun.
    Try keeping two hands on the wheel. Stick a small metal clamp or plastic around the hose sonot to crimp it, and attach to your shirt.
    Eric, My Pet Fish

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