Safe Smoking

Some safe tips and ideas of things not to do when smoking or good things to do :

If you have your hookah on a rug or carpet in the room you’re smoking in-don’t. If the house burns down, at least your parents or the university will be able to rebuild…they have insurance, but IF you drop a coal or it falls on mommy’s white carpet you will be reminded of it until you’re 48 years old.Guilt trip for sure.And you might be in the house if it burns down, not pleasant.
You could be tasteless but very safe by spreading a large ammount of aluminum foil on the rug which you re-roll and use each time. Its safe, but a hassle. Tasteless might mean going to a hardware store or such and buy a large piece of tin sheeting at least 4 X 4 feet since falling charcoals are usually round and they roll and break up. You can look closely at my knoty pine floor with those brown knots on it and the darker brown places where the wood is scorched. I put down aluminium foil, but those coals fall and roll.

Just today I solved the problem of the small tin dish plate with no real rim on it. I bought a round pie tin about 9 or 10 inch accross.I cut a round hole a bit smaller than the regular tin hookah tray making sure that it fits. Use a utility knife with care and cut awayfrom your body.
As the rim is 3 inches high no coal better jump out of that prophylactic.
Another thing. Don’t smoke if you’re tired, you’ll probably pull the hookah over and sleep through the burn.
Hookah 1
Lets hear some safe smoking tips.

Back on safety in narghileh toking :

I’ll sum it up with a song from the 1969 recording of Pink Floyd that came out as a single record. I heard the album a lot in 69, it was a big hit all over the western world (who else can afford to pay for the recording when the other half are starving to death?)
Here is one of the singles on 45 speed vinyl :
“Careful with that Axe, Eugene”. Its the only Pink Floyd which grates on me physically, and musically, though it could be a personal lack of mine. I think that to “each her own, when it comes to music, art, food, shisha flavour, choice of lovers, etc, etc.)
Yes, Eugene, that Hookah is actually more dangerous than a loaded gun, can kill more people than a mini-van crashing into a public school bus.
Just how Eugene? Well, if G-D forbid you leave the room to drain your radiator, and your pet dog, or cat go too close for their own hookah session and spill the beans, well, you won’t know that that thick carpet-rug has burned up to the window sash drapes, is creeping up to the ceiling, and in the attic there is more oxygen to burn the fire higher.
If the building holds one person, or two, or its a college dorm of 150-300 people than no car crash comes close to the G-D forbid damage that might be done.
And even though some people drink “a beer” with the buddies and go home a bit woozy, the damage done can be pure murder in the second degree or manslaughter, but no school bus will have 300 people on it.
Get the drift?
If you smoke, smoke wisely, safely.
I would go so far as to have a designated non-smoker who would torture you with enough guilt, preaching (sorry) , and pure peer pressure so that while you will not stop your smoke, “in spite of”, but atleast you won’t fall Asleep at the Wheel and burn.
This is to be taken tongue -in-cheek. When I drive a car, mostly I’m using all my mirrors and driving defencively. I have enouh faith in my 38 driving year record to trust what I can or shouldn’t do, know that I haven’t drunk 4 beers before I started the car.
I keep an eye out for any situation that might suprise me, and so in all cases, it saved my skin.
Its especialy a nice technique to use on a narrow two-lane road, on a dark, moonless,foggy Saturday night . Head on collisions probably don’t hurt as bad as getting knocked or hit a bit in the side, but, its a lethal weapon.
So is hookah, so be careful, smoke defencivley, too.
If I pull the hose to toke while I’m pulling my blanket around my shoulders, what can I expect but a burnt blanket?
If I light my shisha and leave the window open on a hot day, but a stiff breeze, what will be?
Another quote, this time from Mishna, the “Ethics of the Father’s(teachers)”.
“Who has true Wisdom; he that sees what is being born”. Of course thousands of pages of explainations on that one line, but in quite practical down to earth terms . “a person who goes into a tanner’s workshop where large leather hides are worked with harsh chemicals should know in advance that they will come out smelling putrid for hours. A person who goes into a store where only spices, of Myrr, Frankinsense, and wonderful perfumes are sold, even if they buy nothing, will come out smelling beautiful for hours”. Get the point?
And hookah smoking DOES leave a wonderful after smell of your last smoked flavour!!!!
hookah 1

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  1. Saw it on YouTube from a very ingenious guy who wrote his explanation in German, but I …saw……what…..he…..did! Made or ordered a nice tin floor covering with 2 inch high edges all around to stop that rolling-hot coal. The size of his tin looks around 3 feet by 3 feet or even more. What’s the problem, you pick up your hookah when you finish, pick up the tin, no scorched holes in your rug, or like on my wooden floor.
    Hookah 1

  2. My firm developed a Chute in more or less the same idea, its patended, secret, and it will stay that way, so this is not the place to tell you HOW, just that all over the world, major fire departments have tried it out from 40-65 stories up and some, more. It is a true risk proof chute, and the proof is in my buldging bank account.
    I think that as a fire saving pre-caution, here is the place to make a law. In buildings from 4-99 stories high, there should be enacted a law, that each hookah smoker must buy his own fire-automatic sprinkler from the ceiling alarm and fire quenching system. In this way, if they make a fire with the hookah and it spreads up 80 floors the water will put it out auto- and my fool proof escape chute willbe there as needed.

    I would like to mention, when fishing for a username on signing in to register for the, I found that my very own name had been taken, so I made a slight change. My REAL name is Ehud Barak, but now my username is Ehud Barach. (That’s not funny anymore to dig up dirt and sling mud–tzlofach)
    Ehud Barak


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