Hookah Table 4 Safe Smoking

We talked about some safe smoking tips, like putting aluminum foil under the whole hookah area, not pulling too hard on the hose (bad,bad), making a non-tip base for your hookah….. or did we?
Actually, it was mentioned, but not as a special post not yet.
Of course, you might like to invest in this great simple colored plastic bowl-base.Non slippng and a perfect fit , there are small, and large sizes custom made
its at the bottom of he page “hookah protector”

. To make your own base for a non-tip hookah” tip” simply take a sturdy carton and draw around the bottom of your base, cut. You can have as high a box as you want, but 3 inches might be fine, or make of plywood, paint ,design and cut.
Mine sits on the 3 tiered glass table I have with a electric light on top . I had the table already. The 3 tiers are step sized. Small tier on top, second tier step bigger and the 3rd even wider with a brass metal magazine holder that happened to be a few m”m wider than my hookah base! Just dumb luck. I got it free from my sister who dumped it on me to try saving space in her house.
Try going to “Salvation Army” and “Goodwill” stores, buy a cheap table, cut a hole custom for your bowl size and nail some wood underneath to sink it 3 inches below the level of the table.
hookah 1

Hookah-Lover’s favourite flavour poll

Want to start a multi layered question poll now,

1) “What is your (ONLY ONE) favourite flavour?

2) What BRAND mu’assel shisha-tobacco is your favourite to buy?

You can see some of the company manufacturer’s names on the right hand of the page (but there are many that are omitted here for TEMPORARY lack of time and space)

3) If you were banished to Saint Elba Island like the British banished Napolean Boneparte’ “for Life” and were given all the food, mosquito repellant, videos and free postage stamps (no p.c. or cellphones) that you required
AND a chance to get a free supply delivered of any 5 brands of Shisha Mu’assel combinations with your only 5 favourite flavours, what would they be?

4) “Weirdest flavour you ever HEARD of.
Doesn’t mean you’ve smoked it, or would.
There is cinnamon, Earl Grey tea flavour which I love-but its not sugared at all, Cardammon flavour (Arab Hel flavour for Turkish coffee).
Okay, I’ll admit it here….I eat everything with garlic, have heard of garlic-chocolate so I made once home made garlic shisha with my glycerine, honey,garlic and Iranian (wetted) shisha tobacco.
I liked it, but it stayed the main dominant flavour for the life of my Cobra hose!
Best to write in names of already manufactured stuff like kiwi, pinacolada, tequilla, (Bloody-Mary chaps?). Here is your chance for some imput and personalfame.
Don’t forget, would you bring this flavour to your Elba Island home? Be carefull.
hookah 1 , 4u

First off- so that you won’t think me that bad a speller, I have to write some type-hype right now.
In English if you live inthe UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and its subjects i.e. Jamaica, Israel up until 1948,Arabian countries ,some of africa, Australia,Canada, etc, many words are writtenwith a “U” in them.
Favourite,Flavour,Humour,Qeue,Al-Qemah,Queensbury,Queen,Quneitra (of Syria) etc.
And why you may ask, when the American form of English dropped their “Q”‘s and “U”‘s ?
Well, isn’t English an Anglo-Saxon language first comming from Latin, and as England was conquered in various parts or re-conquered it added on the French Gaul,bits of Spanish (also Gaul), the language added from various Viking conquest, often a quick rape and burn by fellow Ireland who were conquering parts of Britain and being beaten back, the Germanic tribes of Anglos, later the Saxons who did them in, its the story of every nation in the world almost. Changed rulers, cultures, languages ,maps and religions. English is a ever-growing live language. If you had called President Kennedy your “hommie” then he’d” punch you out”, or said to your only one why don’t we jump in my low-rider and rotate these wheels” she’d call her father and probably have you put in jail overnight.(Today many girls haven’t seen their father in 3 years or more).”Whata”!!!!!!!!!!

Hookah Accsessories.How much is enough?

An important part of setting up your hookah are getting the right parts and accessories.

( waterpipe or is also called shisha in Arabic Nargile, Nargilah in Lebanon and Syria, Hubbly Bubbly in India.)
With people getting on an airplane and flying to other continents the cultures mixed and the names were interchanged.(Don’t forget Marco Polo who opened up trade routes from Italy to China, India and Arabia hundreds of years ago )
Some online companies will sell you package deals with all the basic parts and extra accsessories. I’ve checked out the prices per company-yes buying the package deal will save you a few dollars, but it insures you as a first time hookah buyer that you’ll have ” tires on your new car” when you attempt to drive it out of the store at purchase time!
Of course buying your first hookah you can expect all its parts which from bottom to top are :
Glass Bowl (Holds the water)

Big rubber grommet (to attach and seal to the metal pipe and rod)
Lets make a P.S. here, many new modern hookahsare now screw-in types.

Metal shaft (half is in the bowl of water partially submerged in h2o)
and the middle of the shaft hugging the big rubber grommet with the top of the shaft (designed and colored as you ordered) on the top…

Holding first the metal flat dish :
which gives outwards flare , pleasure to the eye and most importantly will hopefully catch any falling charcoals, and ashes.

Next step up is the
clay, pyrex, glass or ceramic shisha tobacco -holding bowl.
Originally the only bowl offered online was the basic brown clay glazed bowl holding 15-20 grams of shisha tobacco and tended to make you try to pack in 2 more grams ” for the road”-thereby guaranteeing you an over hot and too cooked smoke !
I had about 12 of them, not in case they broke, but if I wanted a long smoke, I’d have to change to a second bowl. I tossed em all in the garbage happily when “Smoking-Hookah.com” was the first to sell these little cuties on their web site :
Large-Clay-BowlAs you see, these come in various color and you canput 2 or 3 times the size of a regular bowl.
Soon they offered the double-bowl
This an ingenious idea first from “Smoking-Hookah. com” based on their knowledge of actual smokingscience.
The double bowl is not for lazy smokers who can’t mix their banana flavor with a cool mint for example. We learned how to do THAT at age 4!
No, the idea is simple but no one thought it out- if you mix say, Al-Waha com. cherry flavor with nakhla com. “Coca cola” to make a classic “Cherry-Coke” inthe same bowl you’ll be sorry.
Al-Waha has a certain percentage of glycerine which they mix into the fruit and honey to help blend it even and insure a wet smoke that never is suposed to burn the shisha, but the glycerine assures the DISAPATION or vaporizing of the shisha mixture.
“Nakhla” com adds their certain percentage of glycerine.
So being the two of them in one bowl will never burn uniformly.
I found this out years ago from actually doing it. I only found out a year later the scientific reason.
An added intesting note:
In Germany to order shisha online it has to be under 5% glycerine.Each country has their own funny laws, but most of the shisha we are merited to buy is made in the Arab countries at 25% glycerine,sometimes more along with tobacco ,fruit and honey.(see this link)

I’ve seen now triple head bowls but my logic says that 3 flavors mixed wil be like having a “Bloody-Mary” with added in banana juice! Vodka and tomatoe juice are a nice mix, add spices if you’d like, but sweet banana will kill it.
Then again, I’ll discuss mixing shisha in another area.
There are also some nice one headed bowl with 2,3 or 4 sections. The same principle and a fine idea.
Here we are almost at the top of the hookah and I’ve let you hanging….
After packing your shisha, how to tips or not to do things will also be in another space on this blog.
Here we come to the Skullcap of the shisha bowl. A thin piece of aluminium foil, punched in theoretically certain patterns to give you the smoothest, coolest burn in the bowl and the thickest smoke.

(at this point, let me state a fact, not opinion that is quite basic).
There are many experts like wine snobs who smell the wine blindfolded and on tv or the movies will crow out “ah- yes a good Bordeaux, must be a vintage 1978 from…yes Alsace near the fork in the old road….” I will never claim inthis blog to be an expert, but I’ve been followingthe best of hookah forums from the US of A, Middle-East, UK Great Britain , one German forum which is also “big” enough to publish in English too. French I don’t understand, “well, shut my mouth”. This section on forum info and great hookah shisha references, postings and such is so vast, but its all here at my fingertips and waiting only to type up under”Hookah forums” if you’ve got about 5 hours a day for 4 years running, you’ll vacumn up what I’ve read and digested too.
This is to say, some experts say punch “21-25 holes” in the foil
(oh no, I’ve punched 26, now what?), or to punch in a star pattern, Is that Surius, Star of David, Bethleham or the Crescent of Islam? We don’t want a religous war starting in the hookah lounge nor with your hoomies either!
Ever heard the saying : “Different strokes for different folks”? Well that’s the approach I prefer. Do whatever is working good for you add your own personal input as long as its working.
There is a great scientific idea which is smart chemistry knowledge (I flunked basic chemistry) in the wonderful ,well set up RollsRoyce of all hookah forums hookahforum.com
If you look in its vast archive under “tobacco (or) shisha conditioning” or “acclimitizing” you’ll see that “Tangiers” of “Tangiers” shisha tobacco fame explains all of his secrets to the whole world including how he is making (had made) his new brand and flavors.
I’ve yet to taste any of his brand.
Maybe “Tangiers” will give out free samples to some of this blog’s subscribers and those who have added comments. (hint,hint, nudge,nudge, wink,wink)
The foil.http://www.smoking-hookah.com/Products/Accessories/Hookah-Foil-(100-pcs).asp
I bought my first very cheap pack of 100 foils 3 years ago.
“Wow, they sure packed one-hundred foils thinly ” as I saw at first glance.
Suprise when I opened the thin box and found an added touch. In order for the foils not to stick together they packed between each aluminum sheet a waxed paper cut the same size with orange letter writing….I’m not making this up the orange print was-you guessed right if you are married or have a girlfriend or are female. “TAMPAX”.
That was no advertisement, sometimes there were 2 or 3 waxed Tampax sheets in between each foil.
As the son of and grandson of the first re-cyclers way back in the 1940’s until the 70’s (yeah, scrap-metal dealers). It takes a genius to make money out of junk.
As the son of a man who graduated from junk dealing to selling the wax that went on a mid-western paper mill and upwards from there, some wax paper dealer had each company’s extra pages to get rid of, and business from the U.S. met Jordan in the Middle-East! (not my father’s portfolio this time around) but its a true story.
Maybe you’ll be lucky and get “Fannie Farmer Candies com.waxed wrappers with the chocolate flavor smell still in.
Life is so sweet and often funny.
http://www.smoking-hookah.com/Products/Accessories/Hookah-Foil-(100-pcs).asp in case you didn’t look the first time around at the link.
These nifty foils are great and easy to use.
I remember reading on “Abulehleh co. il” forum site somewhere in the middle-east 4 or more years back. This smart one had a great idea to take a rubber eraser and painfully force pins into it all the way of the number and design you’d like to use on your foil Wwll, same hole pattern each time. Now don’t prick yourself sticking 20-35 holes in a rubber eraser.
I knew it was a nice idea and never tried it.
Came again. the experienced purveyors of great hookahs, tobacco and designers of progressive accsessories….again
look here at this screaming-yellow zombie light plastic pre-hole puncher. Scientific march of hookah progress!
I’ve much more to add on accessories and since thse are the basics, I’ve dealt withthem at length.

See you al soon for more accssesory ideas.
Maybe I’ll read a few comments hint hint by the time I log in again.
Arrivaderci, Salaam,Shalom,bye,syonara shisha-san.(hookah1)

Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

So as a hookah smoker, our little claim to fame is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar that we all know and love from Alice in Wonderland. So, what better is there to do than to make a banner out of it and remind us all of when we were three years old and had no idea what Lewis Caroll was talking about.

hookah smoking caterpillar

If you want to see this banner in action, you can spin on over to out forum and see it and write to us and let us know how much you love hitting the Hookah. Until then, be like the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and smoke smoke smoke.