Call for Intra-Religous Tolerance, smoke hookah with your neibors

wwwgloberecords.comAs the saying goes, from years back “With BOOZE you LOSE…” And as the song by Ringo Starr “No, no, no, I don’t smoke it no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor, no, no, no it only makes me sneeze, and then I can’t get up to find the door”.
     No plugs for inter galactic travel HERE, mind you (though I was born in 1953, so figure out what I was doing from age 15? I was looking for something spiritual and the culture at the time said it could be found in special types of mushrooms , a blotter of L.., a toke on a pipe, a roll your own, or hash brown cookies.
¬†¬†¬†¬† Lets face it, even, and especially hookah smoking is an “Animal” enjoyment. So is “Feeding your face” if you aren’t doing it to take the energy from the mineral world who gave to the “vegetable” worlds, who gave to the “animal” worlds, who gave to humans( if you eat meat, cheese, fish etc.) It is possible to skip the animal world, but the mineral, plant worlds must be uplifted by humans and the Holy Sparks of G-D’s Creation returned to their source.
¬†¬†¬†¬† So I won’t make any excuses to all and sundry that smoking hookah is enjoyable, but on a spiritual level, its ONLY an animal need. Hopefully, non of us need it to live and survive. Oy Gevaltd!!
       I find it rather relaxing while I listen to 60-90 minute Yeshiva contemporary lectures, as the Chabad Rabbi who I especially love his recordings says, :
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Its like the old commercial from the 1960’s for cigarettes : “Come for the filter, and stay for the taste”. (Here he is referring to the first stage of stary eyed marriage”).

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† So,¬† put on a disc, your mp3 mp4 etc., tune in and smoke some hookah while you try to concieve the soul’s flight soaring in the body comming toward it’s source like you physically exhale, and must then return to the demands of the body as you inhale you might have a chance at it. (Can’t call it the purist approach as it is far from that, but “come for the filter and stay for the taste”. If you really taste, you”ll know.

“Smokey Links” a RITUAL

Yes, when you saw the 2 words “Smokey Links”, did you as a dedicated shisha smoker REALLY think about “links for hookah smoking”? Are you a “man “(or another) with hair on your chest? C’mon?!!
Yes, for Christians the world over, “Smokey links” at breakfast are a ritual.(I lived in the Bible Belt of the MidWest ,the USA for my first 17 years, so I know. They sure smell good, them “Jimmy Dean Sausages”. I remember Jimmy Dean as a singer of country songs before he got big into business.
And yes, for smokers of the narghilah -waterpipe,hookah, etc. that is “our” ritual no?
I’ll bet that you were thinking of breakfast when you read “smokey links”.’sCorner/links.gif
or this electric hookah set-up?
(I’ll get these links made “kosher” for you on this section for downloading soon).

Speaking of “Kosher” , it means “Permitted” in Hebrew, Kosher as pertaining to the Jewish ritual Laws of what can be eaten as good, or bad for the soul in a body.

This is a tiny, small peek into “the Code of Jewish Laws” as practiced by “Orthodox” Religous Jews of which there are different approaches, general agrement, and no one is placing bombs in the synogogs of the other groups, and never have! (Jewish Law)

For Moslems the world over its the same principal. Is this food permissible for a soul in a body? There are differences between the 2. There is no “correct, or right way” except if you ARE a Moslem, or a Jew.
A note, most Moslems, I would imagine 99.9% do not bomb or kill other Moslems. Let’s be fair.
Health wise I was warned with all my seven children never to give them honey until they are at least one year old. Health wise YOU are PERMITTED to eat honey, and they no. (Same metaphysical corelationI later found out that chemically the honey lowers the infant’s resistance to many diseases.
“As in the physical worlds G-D Created the spiritual worlds”. ((And Vice Versa)
Kosher and Uswah are health for the soul of Moslems and Jews only as it pertains to each group in PARTICULAR. No “incorrect” way of religion vs. religion.
Here is a link for explanation of the Ritual Laws of Islam:
According to the Jewish “Torah” (Book of G-D’s Revealing Infinate Light” :
Christians are permitted to eat pork and most of the probably delicious stuff I’ve seen sold, like McDonalds french fries whom
VEGETARIANS (They have their little rituals and some fanatics too) found out some time back were fried in pork oil, frozen, shipped to your friendly neighborhood fast food McDee’s and refried, hot and juicy in vegetable oil the second fry.
So, here are two sayings in Hebrew and Arabic that both mean “Great ,Infinate,King and Creator of ALL worlds”
Arabic: “Allah Hu Akhbar” simply translated “The Infinate One is Great”
In Hebrew : “Ribbono Shel Olam” “Master of All Worlds is One”
Same difference–what is the fighting all about?
Note : if anyone of the three religions was offended, I ask your forgiveness.
Let’s not forget the “Jain” religion of Indo-China and world over really, who don’t eat anything Kosher OR Uswah, don’t even kill flies or mosquitos!!
I have read quite a lot over many years about the Buddhist religion (Way,path) and the Hindu path and way, but I will not make a fool of myself more than I should.
As we say in the Talmud “How do you know a fool is a fool? Only if he opens his mouth to talk”.
Shalom, Salaam, Peace and Goodwill toward your fellow man as YOU would like to be treated well.
Hookah 1

Hookah-Lover’s favourite flavour poll

Want to start a multi layered question poll now,

1) “What is your (ONLY ONE) favourite flavour?

2) What BRAND mu’assel shisha-tobacco is your favourite to buy?

You can see some of the company manufacturer’s names on the right hand of the page (but there are many that are omitted here for TEMPORARY lack of time and space)

3) If you were banished to Saint Elba Island like the British banished Napolean Boneparte’ “for Life” and were given all the food, mosquito repellant, videos and free postage stamps (no p.c. or cellphones) that you required
AND a chance to get a free supply delivered of any 5 brands of Shisha Mu’assel combinations with your only 5 favourite flavours, what would they be?

4) “Weirdest flavour you ever HEARD of.
Doesn’t mean you’ve smoked it, or would.
There is cinnamon, Earl Grey tea flavour which I love-but its not sugared at all, Cardammon flavour (Arab Hel flavour for Turkish coffee).
Okay, I’ll admit it here….I eat everything with garlic, have heard of garlic-chocolate so I made once home made garlic shisha with my glycerine, honey,garlic and Iranian (wetted) shisha tobacco.
I liked it, but it stayed the main dominant flavour for the life of my Cobra hose!
Best to write in names of already manufactured stuff like kiwi, pinacolada, tequilla, (Bloody-Mary chaps?). Here is your chance for some imput and personalfame.
Don’t forget, would you bring this flavour to your Elba Island home? Be carefull.
hookah 1 , 4u

First off- so that you won’t think me that bad a speller, I have to write some type-hype right now.
In English if you live inthe UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and its subjects i.e. Jamaica, Israel up until 1948,Arabian countries ,some of africa, Australia,Canada, etc, many words are writtenwith a “U” in them.
Favourite,Flavour,Humour,Qeue,Al-Qemah,Queensbury,Queen,Quneitra (of Syria) etc.
And why you may ask, when the American form of English dropped their “Q”‘s and “U”‘s ?
Well, isn’t English an Anglo-Saxon language first comming from Latin, and as England was conquered in various parts or re-conquered it added on the French Gaul,bits of Spanish (also Gaul), the language added from various Viking conquest, often a quick rape and burn by fellow Ireland who were conquering parts of Britain and being beaten back, the Germanic tribes of Anglos, later the Saxons who did them in, its the story of every nation in the world almost. Changed rulers, cultures, languages ,maps and religions. English is a ever-growing live language. If you had called President Kennedy your “hommie” then he’d” punch you out”, or said to your only one why don’t we jump in my low-rider and rotate these wheels” she’d call her father and probably have you put in jail overnight.(Today many girls haven’t seen their father in 3 years or more).”Whata”!!!!!!!!!!

Aluminum foil or no?

No foil? Better watch out. Many peoples of theMiddle-East smoke hookah with no metal screen or foil. The Iranian type tobacco with a special Iranian head is needed.(They really have special heads in Iran).
Iranian tobacco is usually bought in a bulk pack of dry tobacco leaves which need to be wet, then rinsed and let dry a tiny bit so that it is not dripping into the hookah stem. I learned the hard way, when I first bought a small pack and smoked it srtraight dry, underfoil.
One, I didn’t wet it and two I used foil, which cooked the very strong tobacco and made it harsh.
That’s why we use a screen or foil, so that the hookah shisha underneath will not cook, but evaporate the shisha mixture of honey,fruit and glycerine in a way that it slowly dissapates and gives you a good even taste.
If your hookah bowl is smoking, for sure you’ve put on too much coal. packed the shisha too tight for air under the foil to circulate, packed it down lightly but its touching the aluminum foil at the top, or all of the above.
We were all beginning smokers once, and in the beginning I would do all of them at once!
Its hard to believe that putting less shisha in the bowl actually is a smoother smoke, less harsh and will smoke longer than packing twice as much as you need.
Another hint is to pack lower than the aluminum foil so that the sheesha will in no way come close to touching the foil and getting burnt from the charcoal.
I mean to add on to this section much info.
Remember that for sure there are a lot of good ideas on getting a smooth smoke, slowly you learn, and an expert you don’t have to be since we are always learning.
The pleasure of adding to your knowledge is a big part of smoking the hookah and “improves on the taste.” Make the hookah your hobby, too.

I am going to suggest using heavy, heavy duty aluminum foil, since after you’ve poked your holes, you can keep it for many smokes!